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Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. (Public, PINK:TSNP)

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Deze is misschien wel een gokje waard.
Vandaag ingestapt op 0,0002

Zag m bij The Guru:

TSNP - A Triple Zero Stock With Potential

Let's face it, not every triple zero stock strikes it big for its shareholders. Some fall to the triple zero's and find a home there before eventually becoming dormant or reverse splitting. Other triple zero stocks can mount furious rallies, some that take the stock 1,000's of % higher.

Take, for instance, AWYI one of my triple zero alerts from last year. I alerted the stock with no bid and a price of $.0001 and it went on to surge some 2,300% higher from there. No one was buying that stock up until I alerted it. No one saw the potential I saw in it otherwise it would have been trading at a much higher price.

It takes a skill, knowledge and research to find the next triple stock that is ready to post a significant rally. While I have many triple zero stocks that I think have the potential to rally this year including PRMO, PRPM, MTIZ, STAU, I think TSNP right now, has the best chance at posting significant gains in the short term.

For one this stock has fallen from $.0028 and has yet to bounce. $.0028, the stocks most recent high is 1,400% from today's close, and could easily be hit if the pressure begins to build with this stock. In this market once the money starts coming into a stock it can move with reckless abandon.

TSNP is current at Pink Sheets and continues to maintain great transparency with its shareholders. The company has filed all its quarterly reports at Pink Sheets.

TSNP just released it share structure to Pink Sheets on January 27th. It is a modest share structure and one that has not changed much the last few months. That means the company is not diluting, which is great news for shareholders.

This is the current share structure:

Shares Outstanding 1,844,678,199 a/o Jan 27, 2011
Float 1,383,510,270 a/o Jan 27, 2011
Authorized Shares 5,000,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2010

You have to like the fact that the company is maintaining its obligations to its shareholders.

Finally the news flow continues for this stock. There is a lot going on for TSNP and the company has taken the time to update its shareholders with pertinent company activities. Today's press release is pasted below.

With TSNP the low float is a great quality about this stock. You want to be owning a large piece of the pie when buying into any company. TSNP's low float allows the chance to get a nice piece.

Recent company updates show that management has this company headed in the right direction. I think at some point the share price will follow. At $.0002 a share, TSNP is, in my view, a great investment opportunity. Sure these triple zero stocks can be risky, but they can also pay off handsomely down the road if you play them right.
Volume en interesse begint te komen hier.
Gisteren tegen sluit al even de bid/ask naar 0,0002/0,0003
Kwestie van tijd voordat we door t dak gaan :-D
Onze vriend The Guru still likes it:

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch -TSNP, PRPM, TLAN, BKPR
TSNP we are finally starting to see the volume pick up with this stock. As I tell my subscribers, these triple zero stocks can lay quiet and then suddenly get hot, almost like someone flipping on a switch. They can rally in a fast and furious fashion even surprising those holding the stock. There will be some that sell out early and watch in awe as the stock just continues to go higher. I think TSNP will be one of those stocks that surprise a lot of people.
Ik blijf jullie niet waarschuwen hoor :-D

TSNP the $.0003's were getting purchased in earnest near the end of the day. I do not think it will be long before this stock sees $.0004 and $.0005, possibly as soon as tomorrow.


TSNP company update

February 7, 2011- Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. (TEI) announces the signing of a non-disclosure agreement agreement with a retail floor covering store. The companies will exchange financial data. TEI believes that this company could become its third outlet.
Soms duurt t even voordat ie gaat hahaha, beetje geduld.
Begint weer leven in te komen.
Prima volume eerste 20 minuten.
Ask begint uit te dunnen, nog 3 te gaan.
Weer eens wat nieuws:

Tesoro Enterprises Inc. Announces Initial Discussions Regarding Reverse Merger With InPlays Sports Corp.

Tesoro Enterprs (PC) (USOTC:TSNP)
Intraday Stock Chart
Today : Friday 8 July 2011

Tesoro Enterprises Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TSNP) is pleased to provide a corporate update by announcing that the company has entered and continues discussions regarding a reverse merger with InPlays Sports Corp.

Henry Boucher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tesoro, stated, "Although we are in the early stages of discussions and negotiations, we believe it is sensible to provide Tesoro shareholders with a corporate update and information regarding the future of the company. We are very pleased with Fashion Floor Covering and Tile Inc. operations and the growth we are experiencing at this time, but in an effort to maximize shareholder value we have entered into discussions with InPlays regarding a reverse merger."

InPlays Sports Corp. (, an online media & marketing company, utilizes the popularity of professional sports to award college scholarships to students. InPlays currently has 762,000+ students, referred to as Members, that participate in a daily sports ticket by competing to win a college scholarship. The company generates its revenues from advertisers, the sale and auction of goods to its Members and ancillary revenue streams.

Andrew Barwicki, Founder and CEO of InPlays, commented, "I am very pleased to have entered into discussions with Henry in pursuing a reverse merger that I believe will increase shareholder value for Tesoro shareholders and provide InPlays shareholders with a public market for our stock. The success at InPlays is attributed to the market and need for advertisers to reach students in an uninterrupted manner. The Sports Ticket offered at allows for high school and college students to participate in a contest through a Free Entry in which they can win a college scholarship."

"Furthermore, our database of 672,000 Members allows advertisers to sponsor a Sports Ticket and advertise in the two emails we send our students every day. Large and small companies, advertisers, as well as many organizations throughout the globe are constantly seeking ways to market their products and services to students throughout the United States. I am pleased to announce that InPlays has developed a safe and reliable marketing medium that protects the privacy of all students, yet allows advertisers a direct way to advertise directly to students," continued Mr. Barwicki.

"Henry and I have scheduled a number of additional meetings over the next 2 weeks to continue our current negotiations and finalize a deal that we believe will be fair and beneficial to Tesoro and InPlays shareholders," concluded Andrew Barwicki.
Dit aandeel blijft maar gaan, nu 1,68 80 procent in de plus!
Begin vd Vanmiddag opnieuw ingestapt
TSNP draait goed de laatste tijd, maar helaas niet te krijgen bij mijn broker..
Bij welke broker zitten jullie voor dit soort aandelen?

Thomos schreef op 7 februari 2021 22:29:

TSNP draait goed de laatste tijd, maar helaas niet te krijgen bij mijn broker..
Bij welke broker zitten jullie voor dit soort aandelen?
Op Ihub las ik gisteren dat er afgelopen vrijdag factor 12 aan aandelen is verhandeld.
Dat is erg veel en de verwachting daarom is dat dit aandelen komende dagen verder omhoog stijgt.

Dannyb44 schreef op 16 februari 2021 20:26:


Danny waarom qoute je wat anders dan binckbank? Bolero?
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