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B_B schreef op 22 april 2014 16:52:

Ik geloof nog steeds in een "Perfect Storm".
- Ebola
- Mers
- Aardbevingen (ketting reactie: een aantal grote aardbevingen achter elkaar)
- Margin Call crash
- Yen Carry Trade unwinding
- Ukraine
- onrust in Midden-Oosten

bennie, op 30 juni 2014 om 13:04 uur
Deze week: Israel
"Historic golden crosses to create EXPLOSIONS in gold and silver"
Meestal ben ik voorzichtig met het doorgeven van nieuws op KWN maar dit zou de grote omkeer kunnen zijn.
Keek op de week voor goud.

Avi Gilburt, via SeekingAlpha: All Hail The Gold Bull


Most in the media have become overnight gold bulls.
COT report should be disturbing to gold bulls.
Upcoming week's expectation.
China May Be Importing A Lot More Gold Than Is Being Reported
Jun. 30, 2014 4:17 PM ET

The World Gold Council's published reports are incorrect.
China imported over 2,000 tonnes of gold in 2013.
Imports through Beijing are not reported.
"Hidden" demand from China may offset the seasonal drop in price expected by many analysts.
It's being widely reported that China's gold imports so far this year are down from its record level of imports in 2013, with lower imports being attributed to this year's decline in the yuan vs. the dollar. However, I will present several reasons why generally published and accepted western reports of China's gold import activity are unreliable and that China's true level of gold demand is significantly higher than is commonly accepted or known outside of China. Because of this "shadow" physical demand in China, I believe that the expected seasonal July/early August sell-off in the price of gold will not only be muted but there might be an unexpected move higher.

Binnenkort stijging van 100 dollar in 1 dag.
Dit is wat er constant gebeurt; pogingen om de goudbelegger op het verkeerde been te zetten. Overigens, het gekke bij zilver is dat momenteel de shortposities een enorme omvang hebben bereikt.
Een ding weten we zeker, de trend is gewoon in tact en wat de manipulaties ook mogen zijn, edelmetalen gaan straks 'skyrocket high'!
Gold under pressure ahead of U.S. jobs report, ECB decision
Jul 03, 2014 07:21AM GMT - Gold futures declined in cautious trade on Thursday, as investors looked ahead to key U.S. jobs data later in the day as well as a policy decision by the European Central Bank.

On the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold for August delivery shed 0.54%, or $7.20, to trade at $1,323.70 a troy ounce during European morning hours.
Prices held in a range between $1,320.70 and $1,328.40 an ounce. Gold ended Wednesday’s session up 0.32%, or $4.30, to settle at $1,330.90.
Prices were likely to find support at $1,305.40, the low from June 25 and resistance at $1,339.10, the high from March 21.
Also on the Comex, silver for September delivery slumped 0.96%, or 20.4 cents, to trade at $21.09 a troy ounce.
Traders were in wait-and-see mode before the U.S. government’s monthly nonfarm payrolls report later Thursday, which is expected to show a gain of 212,000 new jobs in June.
The data is being released one day earlier than usual due to the July 4 U.S. Independence Day holiday on Friday.
Payroll processing firm ADP said Wednesday that non-farm private employment rose by a seasonally adjusted 281,000 in June, the highest since November 2012 and easily surpassing expectations for an increase of 200,000.

Zelfs de Jobs Data vanmiddag kan de goudprijs niet omlaag halen,

Morgen (July 4th) : Independence Day for Gold
De goudprijs wordt minder afhankelijk van Amerikaanse Dollar, Amerikaanse beurzen en Amerikaanse Economie.
The Insiders: This month’s jobs headlines don’t tell the true story

The headline of today’s jobs report, that 288,000 jobs were created in the last month, is positive. At least, it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. However, as with most economic reports these days, there is a veneer of good news — but when you look closer, the White House is using the positive headlines to hide the growing deterioration of the American workforce. I’m sure by now people are tired of reading about the bad news, and I’ll admit I am weary of having to blow the whistle and expose the truth every time this White House pats itself on the back about this or that piece of economic data. Anyway, here we go again.

Last month, 523,000 full-time jobs were lost, while 799,000 part-time jobs were added. Another way of looking at these numbers is that almost all of the 288,000 jobs created last month were just part-time positions. And remember, not even that would happen if President Obama got his way and raised the minimum wage during this anemic recovery.

We need more robust job growth in this country, but, specifically, we need good, well-paying, full-time jobs. Right now, only 47.7 percent of adults in America are working full-time. Losing more than half a million full-time jobs in one month is not indicative of a strong, growing economy. It’s a red light flashing on the nation’s dashboard.

The White House undoubtedly will want to celebrate the slight drop in the unemployment rate to 6.1 percent. But again, this number is not a cause for celebration. Teenage unemployment went up by 1.8 percent last month, to a 21 percent unemployment rate. Why would teenage unemployment be so high when teens are out of school and traditionally getting summer jobs? Well, because adults are dependent on the low-wage, part-time jobs these teenagers would normally fill. And that’s not good for the economy or for our society.

And there’s other troubling data. The average number of hours worked per week remained stagnant for the fourth month in a row. The labor force participation rate is still only 62.8 percent — the same rate as March 1978, during the Carter-era stagflation. And in the past year, 2.4 million Americans dropped out of the workforce altogether.

There should be authentic benefits for the nation when we add to the workforce, but not when the unemployment rate artificially declines because Americans are dropping out of the workforce or relying on part-time jobs because that is all the Obama economy can produce. After all, the unemployment rate would be zero if everyone just quit looking for work.

Is this the future of the American workforce? It’s getting too late for President Obama to do any good for the American economy. We are seeing more part-time jobs because employers can’t afford to pay the Obamacare premiums for employees who work more than 30 hours a week. How many Americans will leave the workforce for good? How much lower will the labor force participation rate drop? In other words, how much more dependency will the Obama presidency create?

Dollar kan niet omhoog.
Goud boven de 1400 deze maand.
Ik hoop het moeten eerst maar $1300 niveau vasthouden dat wordt al heel moeilijk denk ik.
Nog even de keek op de week voor goud.

Avi Gilburt, via Seeking Alpha: GLD: Potential Whipsaw Ahead
Gold Bulls Run as Assets in Biggest ETP Erase 2014 Drop
By Debarati Roy Jul 9, 2014 11:11 AM GMT+0200

The bulls are running in Spain and the gold market.

Assets in the SPDR Gold Trust, the metal’s biggest exchange-traded product that counts billionaire John Paulson as its largest holder, erased this year’s decline. Bullion’s 2014 rally is outpacing equities, Treasuries and bonds, defying bearish forecasts from Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Escalating tensions in Iraq and Ukraine boosted demand for the metal as a haven, and the Federal Reserve affirmed that U.S. interest rates will stay low for a “considerable time,” spurring inflation concerns. Money managers increased bets on a Comex futures rally for the fourth straight week, government data showed.

“People are seeing the need for gold again,” Jeff Sica, who helps oversee $1 billion at Sica Wealth Management in Morristown, New Jersey, said yesterday in a telephone interview. “Geopolitical unrest across the globe is imploding, and people are realizing that they need to start hedging against future inflation.”

Yesterday, SPDR holdings rose 2.09 metric tons to 800.28 tons. They are up 0.3 percent this year after falling as much as 2.7 percent through May 21 to the lowest since December 2008. Last year, assets tumbled 552.6 tons, or 41 percent, as futures plunged 28 percent, the most in three decades.
July 10, 2014, 7:32 a.m. EDT
U.S. stocks: Futures plunge on Fed, Portugal bank woes
Gold rallies as stocks in Europe also retreat; trouble in Portugal

MADRID (MarketWatch) — Wall Street was bracing for sharp losses at Thursday’s open as stock futures fell sharply a day after the Federal Reserve revealed key elements of its exit plan for bond-buying and as the parent of a Portuguese bank delayed payments on some short-term debt.
De keek op de week voor goud.

Avi Gilburt, via Seeking Alpha: What Will It Take For Me To Believe Metals Have Bottomed?
We have entered a period that has historically provided seasonal support to gold and silver prices and equities. Eleven of the 13 times since 2001, gold prices have increased during this seasonal period (June 30-Oct. 31), with average increase of 6%. Nine of the 13 times since 2001, gold and silver equities as represented by the PHLX Gold/Silver Sector Index have increased during this seasonal period (June 30-Oct. 31), with higher beta than gold prices but the same average increase of 6%.
Gold Drops From Four-Month High as Equity Rebound Damps Demand
By Glenys Sim Jul 14, 2014 8:51 AM GMT+0200

Gold retreated from a four-month high as investors weighed signs that the rally was excessive after six weeks of gains, while a rebound in equities damped demand for an alternative investment.

Bullion for immediate delivery lost as much as 1.6 percent to $1,317.12 an ounce, the lowest level since July 8, and traded at $1,320.14 at 2:37 p.m. in Singapore, according to Bloomberg generic pricing. The metal rallied to $1,345.17 on July 10, the highest price since March 19, and last week completed a sixth weekly climb.

As gold advanced 9.9 percent this year amid geopolitical tensions around the world, its 14-day relative-strength index was above the level of 70 for a second day on July 11, suggesting to some investors who study charts that prices may reverse. Asian stocks rose for the first time in five days today before U.S. data this week that may show gains in retail sales and industrial production. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. restated a bearish call for bullion, predicting a loss in 2014.

“Recently we have seen higher prices across the precious metals complex, most of which, look toppy,” Barclays Plc analysts led by Christopher Louney wrote in a note today. “Gold will closely watch for any news around the timing of a rate hike, which if earlier than expected, will likely introduce downside risks to the precious metal.”

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will deliver her semi-annual monetary-policy testimony to the Senate Banking Committee tomorrow and to the House Committee on Financial Services the next day.

Gold Positions

Gold for August delivery dropped 1.2 percent to $1,321 an ounce on the Comex in New York. The net-long position in gold rose to 144,272 futures and options contracts in the week to July 8, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission data show. That’s the highest since November 2012.

“Gold will start moving lower once there is more confidence in the recovery, without significant inflationary concerns,” Jeffrey Currie, Goldman’s global commodities research head, said in remarks published today from a July 11 interview. Prices will probably end lower this year, he said.

Dit is de laatste keer dat Jeffrey Currie van Goldman Sachs GOUD probeert te drukken (omlaag praten).
GOUD zal vandaag nog herstellen en Currie zal hierna opgeven.
Did Goldman Sachs just blatantly manipulate the gold price down?
Tuesday, 15 July 2014
By Peter Cooper

If the gold market was a horse race then after yesterday’s sudden fall for no apparent reason observers would be calling for a stewards’ enquiry. Certainly those looking at a replacement for the London gold fix ought to be paying attention.

Just days after Goldman Sachs renewed its propaganda onslaught against the precious metal in a long article on Bloomberg the price dropped by 2.3 per cent, its biggest one day drop this year. Did it fall or was it pushed?

Blatant manipulation

Veteran gold trader Jim Sinclair quickly offered an answer on his website: ‘Manipulation such as the sale of $1.3 billion dollars worth of paper gold at an illiquid time period today is not to protect the dollar or bull the general equity market.

‘It is to make money for the manipulators that want here to cover their shorts and initiate to expand their long positions. That sale was a pure construct as there was no news to sustain the sell or to initiate it in the time span of its occurrence.’

It is not often that manipulation is so blatant. But the timing so soon after the Bloomberg piece on Goldman’s bearish stance on gold is perhaps mere coincidence. And pigs can fly.

Mr. Sinclair reckons this could be the last take down of the gold price which ‘will make new highs after the failure of this clearly false price construct of this morning’s illiquid time period.’

The gold price did indeed appear to rebound this morning.
Waarom voor de laatste keer?? Ze komen er toch steeds mee weg waarom zou je dan stoppen?? Ze hebben in elk geval de steun van de FED.

B_B schreef op 27 maart 2014 14:09:


Toch denk ik dat dit jaar anders wordt voor goud.
Ik weet dat "gold bulls" al jaren klagen over manipulatie en Dollar printing, maar dit jaar krijgen we de "perfect storm" voor goud.
Daarom geloof ik dit jaar in goud (eerste keer in mijn leven).

Mijn eerste belegging in GOUD.
Ik win (bijna) altijd, ook van Goldman Sachs.
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