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Cijfers zijn niet onaardig, het is een bedrijf met heel wat potentieel. De pijplijn ziet er ook goed uit.
Good results but Invest Securities reducing their target price to €1.24.
Company is aiming "to move into EBITDA profitable trading during the year in order to become cashflow positive at the operating level."
So indicating there will still be a net loss for the year.
"During 2018, the group will continue to build on the organic sales progress made in 2017 and is evaluating the potential for further acquisitions.
and how would that be paid for???

So good organic growth and potential for more by acquisitions. if this is paid by issuing new shares then of course you have a dilution effect.
Evenually the acquired company brings "growth" and also Novacyt might itself be looked at by potential predators.

THe 2017 loss also includes one-off costs sucha s the kisting on AIM in London and moving to new offices.

One to keep for the long term if this growth continues and management can bring it around to profitability.
Afscheid genomen van Novacyt... overstapje gemaakt naar Europlasma, voor de dobbel ;-)
Press Release: Novacyt Launches New Product in Infectious Mononucleosis

Press Release: Novacyt Launches New Product in Infectious Mononucleosis

Novacyt Launches New Product in Infectious Mononucleosis

First in a series of new product launches in infectious diseases
PARIS & CAMBERLEY, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 05, 2018--
Regulatory News:

Novacyt (EURONEXT GROWTH: ALNOV; AIM: NCYT), an international specialist in clinical diagnostics, announces that its protein diagnostics division, Lab21 Products (Lab21), has launched a new product for the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis (IM), also known as glandular fever.

PathFlow(TM) Mononucleosis is a qualitative lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of IM antibodies in the blood. IM is frequently misdiagnosed as a bacterial infection, streptococcal pharyngitis, due to common clinical presentation of the diseases at onset. IM is, however, caused by the Epstein--Barr virus (EBV) and, as a virus, IM does not respond to antibiotic treatment. PathFlow(TM) Mononucleosis provides a rapid and effective differential diagnosis to patients with IM over streptococcal pharyngitis. PathFlow(TM) Mononucleosis also facilitates antibiotic stewardship by ensuring antibiotics are not offered to patients owing to a misdiagnosis and helping to address the global issue of antibiotic resistance.

IM is a global disease affecting both sexes equally(1) , which is typically observed in 60-100 per 100,000 people(2) . EBV antibodies are detected in 50% of children by 5 years of age(3) . Although the market for IM testing is relatively small it is an important niche infectious disease market and it is expected that PathFow(TM) will give clinicians a quick and reliable product to help manage their patients.

The launch of PathFlow(TM) Mononucleosis is the first product in a series of high quality, lateral flow immunoassays, which will form part of Novacyt´s growing catalogue of rapid infectious disease diagnostics and aid Lab21´s position as a leader in microbial diagnostic kits. Branded under the name PathFlow(TM), these products will utilise rapid lateral flow technology, with a focus on patient pathways and improving clinical outcomes. Lab21 plans to launch a number of new products for common winter associated diseases in time for the winter peak in 2018.

Graham Mullis, Group CEO of Novacyt, commented:

"Lab21 Products has significant experience of developing rapid and reliable diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases. The launch of PathFlow(TM) Mononucleosis, the first product in the PathFlow(TM) product family, demonstrates our continued commitment to the R&D-led growth of our overall growth strategy. This exciting new range of diagnostic test kits enhances our new product pipeline, with a number of additional launches expected during 2018, and strengthens our position in the rapidly growing infectious disease market."
Ponzi heeft een nieuw artikel:

De laatste weken ben ik bezig geweest om Novacyt te bombarderen met mails over de communicatie, zeg maar het gebrek aan communicatie. Ik heb het hier al vaker over gehad. Maar ik krijg wel het gevoel dat ik iets voor elkaar heb gekregen en dat men anders over het PR beleid is gaan nadenken. Dit heb ik niet alleen gedaan. Ook een andere Nederlandse trader heeft goede contacten en samen proberen we de CEO te overtuigen dat ze echt meer aan de PR moeten doen. Vorige week was er eindelijk dan een “nieuwtje” en vandaag kwam het verslag van de AVA.

lees de rest op
Het personeel heeft er ook aan herinnerd ons het contrast tussen de cijfers verbetering (toename van de omzet, ebida netto verbetering te verhogen, ontwikkeling heeft internationale ) en de markt die geen rekening lijkt te houden met deze ontwikkelingen in de aandelenkoers. De hoop van het management met betrekking tot de aandelenkoers op de lange termijn zou zijn dat de prijs zou moeten terugkeren naar ten minste driemaal de huidige prijs over een periode van twee, drie jaar. Dit blijft natuurlijk een “wens”. Met betrekking tot het feit dat de koers lijkt te zijn “knie” een bodemprijs, ondanks het goede nieuws van het begin van het jaar, de leiders geloven niet dat het geval te zijn.
Novacyt is ook niet vooruit te branden, vanmorgen als een speer naar 0.724 en nu weer een blok in de laat van 101.000 op 0.70
Press Release: Novacyt Announces Acquisition of Infectious Disease Business from Omega Diagnostics

Press Release: Novacyt Announces Acquisition of Infectious Disease Business from Omega Diagnostics

Novacyt Announces Acquisition of Infectious Disease Business from Omega Diagnostics

Accelerating profitability by expanding the Lab21 business with complimentary products
PARIS & CAMBERLEY, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 28, 2018--
Regulatory News:

Novacyt (EURONEXT GROWTH: ALNOV; AIM: NCYT), an international specialist in clinical diagnostics, is pleased to announce that its protein diagnostics division, Lab21 Products (Lab21), has unconditionally entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire the Infectious Disease (ID) business from Omega Diagnostics Ltd (AIM: ODX, "Omega Diagnostics"), for an initial consideration of GBP1.8 million, up to GBP2.175 million in total, subject to the achievement of certain milestones (the "Acquisition").

-- Highly complementary product range increases offering and global reach of Lab21, opening new sales channel opportunities, particularly on the African continent -- Adds GBP2.49 million of annual sales and positive operational cash flows -- Acquisition is expected to be immediately earnings accretive in the second-half of 2018 -- Cost synergies immediately anticipated as a result of leveraging existing commercial infrastructure within Novacyt, leading to an operating margin expansion for the ID business -- Revenue synergies targeted from 2019 -- Additional manufacturing through the purchase of certain assets based in Axminster, UK providing a more competitive manufacturing position and increasing production capability -- Transaction multiple of 0.9x sales (to unaudited financial year end 31 March 2018), pre-realisation of any expected synergies
Infectious Disease Business

The ID business specialises in the manufacture of a range of diagnostic kits, in particular for syphilis and febrile antigens, as well as a range of latex serology tests for rheumatoid factor, C-reactive protein, antistreptolysin and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Lab21 will assume the commercial rights to five core registered brands, which comprise enzyme immunoassays microtitre plates, latex agglutination, fluorescence and rapid lateral flow tests. The brands include; Immutrep, Avitex, Micropath, Pathozyme and other smaller brands including Betatex, Avistrep, Avistaph and Virotect. In addition, Lab21 will be granted a time-limited licence for the use of the name Visitect for certain lateral flow tests excluding Omega Diagnostics´ Visitect CD4 assets, all of which will remain with Omega.

Unaudited results for twelve months to 31 March 2018 showed sales of the Omega ID business of GBP2.49 million and EBITDA profitability of GBP310,000. Novacyt expects to see similar sales in the first twelve months of ownership and material cost synergies are anticipated immediately as a result of leveraging existing commercial and manufacturing infrastructure within Novacyt, leading to operating margin expansion. Revenue synergies are expected over the subsequent twelve months.

Terms of the Agreement

Under the terms of the asset purchase agreement, the total consideration, to be fully satisfied through cash consideration, will be up to GBP2.175 million subject to performance, comprising:

(i) GBP1.8 million upon completion,

(ii) GBP175,000 paid after twelve months upon completion of technology transfer and,

(iii) GBP200,000 paid upon the successful accreditation of the Axminster, UK production facility to certain standards.

The full consideration of GBP2.175 million if paid represents a modest multiple of 0.9x year sales.

The asset includes the customers, suppliers, trademarks, contracts, stocks, technical files and know-how in order to manufacture, distribute and market the ID assets. There will also be some manufacturing equipment which will come with a manufacturing facility, though fixed assets will be a small part of the purchase.

Through TUPE, Novacyt expects to transfer two Omega employees only at this time. No management or directors will come across with the Acquisition.

Omega Diagnostics will assist Novacyt with the transfer of manufacturing from its Alva, Scotland site which is expected to take six months and will provide any technical assistance for up to twelve months. All sales orders, despatch and invoicing of the ID business unit will be undertaken by Novacyt from today.

Graham Mullis, Group CEO of Novacyt, added:

"I am delighted to agree terms to acquire the ID business directly from Omega Diagnostics. We have been looking to expand our Lab21 product range and the ID business is a perfect match with our current portfolio. This acquisition is expected to deliver material cost and growth synergies as we leverage the Novacyt infrastructure and integration will start immediately after completion. We continue to assess a deep pipeline of potential further acquisitions and I look forward to updating the market as we continue to deliver on our acquisitive growth objective."

Colin King, CEO Omega Diagnostics,

"In April we announced a strategic review of our business with a focus on VISITECT(R) CD4, Allersys and Food Intolerance products. The sale of the ID business is an important outcome of our review and we are delighted to be working with Novacyt where we expect the products and customers to be a good fit with the Lab21 Products division."

The information communicated in this announcement is inside information for the purposes of Article 7 of EU Regulation 596/2014.
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