Sopheon februari 2018

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mogge, volgende maand de 22ste, komt er weer nieuws.

ps, soof mag welis die klanten lijst vernieuwen op hun side,staan nog klanten op van voor de 2de wereld oorlog.
Arie de Beuker
Al jaren, en is tevens de grootste betalende klant door de jaren heen. Of dat de afgelopen 3 a 4 jaar is veranderd weet ik niet.

Arie de Beuker
Wat was ook alweer het koersdoel van die brooker! Iets van 6,42 of zoiets!! Denk dat ze dat maar snel bij moeten stellen naar 8 pond en meer, fijn weekend allemaal
Moet een interessant artikel zijn . Zou iemand het kunnen achterhallen en evt plaatsen? Ik kan het helaas niet.

Just posted: This Multi-Bagger May have More Bagging to Do as Two Big Customers Roll in #SPE

Mvg Trinko
Helaas weinig nieuws onder de zon!

This Multi-Bagger May have More Bagging to Do as Two Big Customers Roll in
By Malcolm Stacey | Friday 2 February 2018

Hello, Share Bunnies. The nearest you get to a joke in the bible is when someone asks about Jesus, ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth?’. As a Northerner, I could say the same about Woking. However, I know of at least one good internet firm based in Woking and I commend it to your further attention now.

Sopheon (SPE) is in a game called product life-cycling. This turns out to be providing hi-tech services for making client companies run more efficiently. Now, if I’ve got that wrong, I blame the website of the outfit I feature today because I can’t understand much of the jargon on there. Though this isn’t unusual for this kind of venture.

Like me, you may not hitherto have had too much luck with software companies. But some such companies are getting it right. Sopheon, if the rocketing share price is any guide, is one of them.

A mere two years ago the shares were about 70p a pop. As I write they are 570p. Wow, indeed! But of course, this might only indicate that the shares have been overbought and are courting a correction. Too late to join the party, then?

Except that Sopheon has just issued a jolly trading statement. It has, it seems, signed a pair of big deals. Customer one is big and hails from Germany. Client two is also big and lives in America (though I can’t see the two company names in the trading update).

The 2017 year’s income is expected to be over $28 million. That’s $5 million+ up on 2016 and two orders from two big corporations could signify similar take-ups soon. And the company believe profit for the full year will be above market expectations as well. Ok, we already have a seven-bagger over two years here. And you might be inclined to think you’re too late. But we all know companies which have done a lot better than that. So please make up your own mind.

As I rejoin the Punter’s Return.
Arie de Beuker
Volume is best fors ondanks dat vandaag geen nieuws vanuit Sopheon kwam.

Arie de Beuker

Ze Gaan voor goud!

Go for the Gold: Win Market Share with Speed and Agility
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02/02/2018 | 08:00pm CET
The XXIII Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea are right around the corner. The excitement for some frosty competition and the 'best of the best' athletes going for the gold rises as the opening ceremony looms on the horizon.

As we all gear up for the Olympics, your company is likely gearing up for a successful 2018. For organizations focused on growth through innovation management initiatives, R&D programs, and new product development (NPD), there are four parallels between Olympic sports and how your teams work together to accelerate new offerings to market.

Need for Speed

A downhill skier follows the 'fall line' - the most direct line down a mountain or hill- to reach the maximum possible speed.

Are you carving out strategic innovation programs that are delivering fast enough to lock in early opportunities?

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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Bobsleigh crews use extensive training and teamwork to produce the greatest speed and cross that finish line first.
In an organization, effectively collaborating across internal barriers - like working closely with other business units in different countries and time zones - helps develop high-quality ideas and steer them into winning products. A mature innovation framework helps accelerate teamwork to shorten time to market on new products and services.

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Calculated Decisions

Ski jumpers maximize their velocity while retaining total control so they ace their landing.

The way your R&D and NPD teams work together is similar: you want to introduce speed into how your teams operate, yet the decisions you make need to be controlled, i.e. smart and calculated based on current and reliable shared data.

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Agility Wins

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Mvg Trinko
Wat gaan we doen maandag, door de 6 pond heen en op weg naar 22 maart, misschien wel richting de 7 pond, we zullen het zien!!!
finn cap gaf een jaar geleden een koersdoel van 620 pence, dat hadden ze vrij goed ingeschat, 618 pence is al aangetikt vorige week.
dus ze zullen nu hun koersdoel flink gaan verhogen denk ik, op die engelse side
hadden ze al over een koersdoel van 1120 pence einde van dit jaar.
nog even over die 2 wereldklanten die soof erbij heeft, ik denk dat er 1 auto gigant bij zit als klant, zou zomaar kunnen dat het 2 klanten uit de auto industrie zijn.
vorig jaar augustus melde soof al in, dat er intresse uit de auto industrie was,voor software van sopheon.
Lord Enki
De hele wereld is scrum en agile en accolade past daar prima bij.
Dat er een koersdoel van 11,20 wordt gesteld vind ik derhalve totaal niet vreemd.

Wat naar mijn mening nu wel duidelijk zou moeten zijn is dat dit fonds hard op weg is om een zeer volwassen fonds te worden.

Dividend, aandelensplitsing, koersverdubbeling ...
Het zou de komende paar jaar zo maar eens tot de mogelijkheden kunnen gaan behoren.

bericht van over intresse uit de auto industrie, was niet in augustus,maar 8 juni 2017.
in dat bericht had soof het over, intresse van uit de auto industrie.
Was het geen duitse nieuwe klant? En dan de link naar automotive en sjoemelsoftware:-) dan kan het niet anders dan vw of audi zijn:-)) of misschien wel meneer benz. In ieder geval is er genoeg interesse in de markt voor ons pareltje!!!!
Van een ander forum, omdat daar wel heel leuke aandelenprijzen genoemd worden.

3 Feb '18 - 08:19 - 1238 of 1240
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we have a tech company that is worth only worth 59 Million, they have just doubled the cash to over 9.5 Million cash on the books this year, they are expanding in to new multimillion dollar markets
Profits will be significantly above market expectations. Forward order book is already up at 18 Million
With all this good news I am expecting a major major re rating, sp has just broken through 50 Million
Mcap this means restrictions are lifted on some funds so they are able to invest I see a lot of momentum

Imho Market cap should be close to 200 million or 20 pound a share
Toch wel mooi te zien hoe Soof zich vandaag heeft staande gehouden op een diep rode beurzen dag in heel de wereld. Dit geeft een fantastisch vertrouwen voor de toekomst!
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