Shell exclusive: We have to throw everything at hydrogen.

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Nu de auto's, vliegtuigen etc nog. Helaas gaat dit nog een paar jaartjes duren. Een ander vraag is natuurlijk, wat is de marge op H2? Anyway, goed om in de gaten te houden.

voor dat geld hadden ze ook Hygear kunnen inlijven, die kant moet het toch opgaan met Shell anders zie ik het zeer somber in, kijk eens in de US wat er met Kodak is gebeurd totale andere richting gekozen/transformeert en zie.
Cimarron Composites signs contract with Shell Oil

Alabama-based Cimarron Composites has signed a five-year purchase agreement with Shell Oil company to provide advanced composite cylinders for hydrogen gas transport modules.

The large 2,000-litre tubes operate at 517 bar (7,500 psi) and will allow Shell to transport at least 1,200kg of hydrogen on 40’ long trailers, further enhancing its capabilities.

Approved for worldwide applications, Cimarron said the initial cylinder application will transport hydrogen between fuelling stations in California; however, similar trailers will be used in many locations in Europe.

The composite tubes enable gas distribution of many hydrogen systems and can be used for other industrial gases. Cimarron’s carbon composite tubes can be custom made to various lengths for volumes between 540 and 3,000 litres. Cimarron is currently developing a 700 bar (10,000 psi) version of a similar tube for vehicular use

All of Cimarron’s tanks pass all of the required tests for US DOT and ADR approvals as specified by the UN ISO 11515 document.

D_invest schreef op 23 juli 2020 08:32:

Nu de auto's, vliegtuigen etc nog. Helaas gaat dit nog een paar jaartjes duren. Een ander vraag is natuurlijk, wat is de marge op H2? Anyway, goed om in de gaten te houden.


CSIRO has partnered with Boeing to produce a report on how clean hydrogen-based technologies can make a significant contribution to emissions reduction in the aviation sector.
A roadmap for hydrogen in the aviation industry
The report outlines how hydrogen can be adopted across short, medium and long-term applications within the commercial aviation industry, each providing increased CO2 abatement potential over time.

Short-term adoption involves the replacement of on-airport equipment, currently running on liquid fuels and batteries, with hydrogen powered fuel cell alternatives. While not a large contributor to emissions for the sector, on-airport applications represent a straightforward and near-term opportunity to introduce clean hydrogen.

het staat te gebeuren.
Proton Motor Power Systems plc

New order - Shell New Energies

Proton Motor Power Systems plc (AIM: PPS), the designer, developer and producer of fuel cells and fuel cell electric hybrid systems with a zero-carbon footprint, announces that, it has received a first order from Shell New Energies for a fuel cell hybrid system intended to power Shell's own line of portable hydrogen refueling units for buses and trucks.

The first fuel cell system of this type will be used in an off-grid and portable refueling unit, which will be deployed as part of a joint project between Shell and a major European truck manufacturer and is intended to refuel trucks with hydrogen on a test track.
Shell is zich aan het "reshape" we gaan nog de 7/8 euro grens opzoeken waarna ze zullen stabiliseren rond de 10 ,maar prijzen zoals vroeger 30+ gaan de eerste 10 jaar echt niet meer komen.
Ze zullen veel op hun pijpleidingen moeten gaan inzetten/uitbreiden om die hydro-proof te maken,zijn bezig met tankstations in de Hydrogen te ontplooien maar het moet allemaal een beetje sneller ff een tandje bijzetten want er zijn veel kapers op de kust vwb deze nieuwe technologien.
En kijk eens verder als tankstations Electrolyzers market daar gaan ook gigantische ontwikkelingen ontstaan, en dan natuurlijk de Verwarmingsketels in nieuwbouw draaiend op Hydrogen dit gaat ook een vlucht nemen.
BP: Oil Demand Growth is Dead
Sep 14, 2020

The world is past the era of growing crude oil demand, BP said in its annual energy outlook report, which was released today. The message of the outlook, according to media reports, is that oil consumption may never recover to pre-pandemic levels, and not just because of the pandemic itself but because of factors that have been at play long before the coronavirus made the jump from bats to humans.

“Demand for oil falls over the next 30 years,” the company said in the report. “The scale and pace of this decline is driven by the increasing efficiency and electrification of road transportation.”

In the report, BP looks at three scenarios for the future of oil demand: Business-as-usual, Rapid, and Net Zero. None of them envisage growth in oil demand over the long term. The most optimistic one—from the oil industry’s perspective—is the business-as-usual scenario, which sees demand recover from the pandemic’s effects but plateaus in the next few years before beginning to decline.

Yet this scenario, which envisages government policies being adopted at the rate they have been in the recent past, may not be the most likely one. Many governments have pledged increasingly aggressive environmentalist agendas that will see policies applied much more quickly. If these scenarios play out, oil demand will never return to pre-pandemic levels, according to BP. This means demand will have peaked in 2019, at a level of about 100 million barrels daily.

Under BP’s Rapid scenario, demand for liquid fuels will drop to 55 million bpd by 2050, with the scenario also factoring in a 70-percent reduction in emissions from energy use by that year. Under the Net Zero scenario, emissions will be reduced by 95 percent by 2050, which would result in liquid fuel demand shrinking to 30 million bpd.

maw, de Koek die steeds kleiner word moet door meerdere Spelers gedeeld worden....
Shell’s Colossal Miscalculation in 2011 of Today’s LNG Price: Largest-Ever $12-$17-Billion “Floating Facility” Shut Down, Months After Shipping First LNG. Done in by Long Price Collapse

Aug 21, 2020
Kogas helps spearhead hydrogen transition in Green New Deal drive
Sept 20, 2020

Korea Gas Corp. is taking a leading role in fostering the country’s hydrogen industry, backing the government’s Green New Deal initiative which aims to roll out 200,000 hydrogen vehicles and 450 hydrogen charging stations.

The state-run natural gas company said Sunday it will transition to an eco-friendly hydrogen firm from a conventional fossil fuel-based company, pledging to produce and introduce cheap hydrogen to the market by making timely investments and securing source technologies.

Shell moet Versnellen anders komen ze te laat op het Hydrogen feest, want DAT is gaande.
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