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Euronext publishes Q2 2022 results
Solid quarter driven by the sustained dynamism of non-volume activities and of trading operations. First revenue synergies related to the Borsa Italiana Group acquisition delivered.
Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Milan, Oslo and Paris – 28 July 2022 – Euronext, the leading pan-European market infrastructure, today publishes its results for the second quarter 2022.
Q2 2022 revenue and income up +2.5% pro forma1, compared to Q2 2021 underlying revenue and income2, to €374.7 million (+14.0% reported, +€45.9 million) driven by the growth of non-volume related business and trading activities:
Non-volume related revenue accounted for 59% of Q2 2022 total revenue (vs. 60% pro forma in Q2 2021) and covered 144% of underlying operating expenses, excluding D&A (vs. 150% in Q2 2021 pro forma).
Contribution of the Borsa Italiana Group to revenue was €129.2 million.
Trading revenue grew to €129.2 million (+3.7% pro forma, +14.6% reported), resulting from a robust performance across all asset classes in a volatile market environment. Cash trading revenue was €75.3 million (+1.4% pro forma, +7.4% reported), reflecting strong revenue capture, and fixed income trading revenue was €24.9 million (+2.4% pro forma, +44.0 % reported).
Post-trade revenue grew to €93.9 million (+1.8% pro forma, +12.6% reported). Clearing revenue increased to €31.4 million (+5.5% pro forma, +18.0% reported) as a result of a volatile environment and net treasury income of Euronext Clearing was €15.7 million. Custody and Settlement revenue was €62.5 million (+0.1% pro forma, +10.1% reported) thanks to the resilience of the diversified Euronext Securities business model in a normalising settlement environment.
Euronext remained the leading venue for equity listing in Europe and for debt listing worldwide. Euronext recorded 19 new equity listings in Q2 2022. Listing revenue grew to €55.4 million (+7.8% pro forma, +15.0% reported), demonstrating the resilience of the business and the attractiveness of the offering.
Advanced Data Services revenue grew to €52.0 million (+2.4% pro forma, +11.9% reported) due to a solid core data business performance.
Adjusted EBITDA3 up +2.5% pro forma to €221.7 million (+12.3% reported, +€24.3 million) reflecting continued cost discipline and successful ongoing integration. Adjusted EBITDA margin at 59.2% (stable pro forma, -0.9pt reported):
Underlying operating expenses, excluding D&A, were €153.0 million (+2.6% pro forma, +16.4% reported), resulting from continued cost discipline in a context of ongoing integration.
Reported net income, share of the parent company shareholders, up +25.6% pro forma (+37.2% reported) to €118.9 million (+€32.2 million):
Net financing expenses were at €9.1 million and results from equity investments amounted to €1.2 million, impacted by an impairment. Income tax rate was 27.1%.
Adjusted EPS4 was down -6.1% to €1.345.
Key figures for Q2 2022

Net debt to reported EBITDA7 at 2.4x at the end of June 2022.
Climate commitment: Step up in Euronext ESG ‘Fit for 1.5°’ commitment setting ambitious emission reduction targets in line with the SBTi8. The first major step was achieved with the successful migration to a full green Core Data Centre in June 2022.
Continued momentum in the delivery of targeted synergies, in relation to the Borsa Italiana Group acquisition:
€24.1 million cumulated run-rate annual synergies achieved at the end of Q2 2022. €8.9 million run-rate annual synergies delivered in Q2 2022, mainly related to the first phase of revenue synergies arising from the successful migration of Euronext’s Core Data Centre.
€36.7 million of cumulated implementation costs incurred at the end of Q2 2022, of which €5.4 million during Q2 2022.
Significant quarter for the integration of the Borsa Italiana Group:
Successful move of Euronext’s Core Data Centre from Basildon, in the UK, to Bergamo, in Italy, paving the way for the migration of Italian cash and derivatives markets onto the Optiq® trading platform in 2023.
Euronext Clearing adoption of VaR methodology for fixed income instruments advancing the European expansion of Euronext Clearing9.
Acceleration of the integration of MTS and Euronext Securities Milan through the contemplated acquisition of the technology businesses from Nexi’s capital markets activities10.
Stéphane Boujnah, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Managing Board of Euronext, said:
“This second quarter of 2022 was marked by the continuation of the volatile environment seen since the first quarter of the year. Euronext’s business model again demonstrated its resilience, and generated solid growth in revenue, adjusted EBITDA and adjusted net income.
A key milestone in our ‘Growth for Impact 2024’ strategic plan was achieved with the successful migration of our Core Data Centre from Basildon, near London, to a fully green data centre in Bergamo, near Milan. This migration enables Euronext to deliver the first revenue synergies targeted under our 2024 strategic plan. This success paves the way to the migration of Italian cash and derivatives markets to the Euronext state-of-the-art European proprietary trading platform Optiq® by 2023. In addition, we pursued our integration work and we reached €24.1 million cumulated run-rate annual synergies in relation to the acquisition of the Borsa Italiana Group at the end of Q2 2022, 14 months after the closing of the transaction.
As previously announced, we disclosed our Fit for 1.5° climate targets, aligned with SBTi standards. These ambitious targets will be achieved through the transformation of our own operations without any purchase of any offsetting credit. These Euronext commitments have an impact on the whole ecosystem, engaging our suppliers to join forces with us for the creation of a more sustainable global financial system.”

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Hogere resultaten Euronext

Door ABM Financial News op donderdag 28 juli 2022
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(ABM FN-Dow Jones) Euronext heeft in het tweede kwartaal van 2022 hogere resultaten geboekt. Dit bleek donderdag nabeurs uit de resultaten van de beursuitbater.

"Het tweede kwartaal van 2022 werd gekenmerkt door de aanhoudende volatiele omstandigheden sinds het eerste kwartaal van het jaar. Het bedrijfsmodel van Euronext toonde opnieuw zijn veerkracht en genereerde een solide omzetgroei, aangepaste EBITDA en aangepast nettoresultaat", aldus CEO Stéphane Boujnah in een toelichting.

De aangepaste EBITDA kwam uit op 221,7 miljoen euro, tegenover 197,4 miljoen euro een jaar eerder. De bijbehorende marge daalde wel, van 60,0 tot 59,2 procent.

De nettowinst steeg van 86,8 miljoen naar 118,9 miljoen euro. In het eerste kwartaal werd een nettowinst behaald van 144 miljoen euro.

De omzet steeg met 14,0 procent van 328,8 miljoen naar 374,7 miljoen euro, waarvan ruim 129 miljoen afkomstig was van de overname van Borsa Italiana. In het eerste kwartaal werd een omzet behaald van 396 miljoen euro.

De inkomsten uit effectenhandel stegen met 14,6 procent in het tweede kwartaal, waar de groei in het eerste kwartaal 10 procent was.

Euronext verklaarde de groei door de "robuuste prestaties in alle activaklassen in een volatiele marktomgeving."

De onderliggende operationele kosten kwamen uit op 153 miljoen euro. In het eerste kwartaal kwamen de kosten uit op 144 miljoen euro. Euronext sprak van een aanhoudende kostendiscipline.

Verder merkte Euronext op dat de overname van de Italiaanse beurs inmiddels 24,1 miljoen euro aan synergievoordelen per jaar opleverde, 14 maanden na afronding van de transactie.

Het aandeel Euronext sloot donderdag ruim 2 procent hoger op 77,30 euro.

Bron: ABM Financial News
Handelsvolumes op Euronext in juli omlaag

Door ABM Financial News op maandag 8 augustus 2022
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(ABM FN-Dow Jones) De handelsvolumes van contante effecten op Euronext zijn in juli gedaald, net als in de maand ervoor. Dit maakte de Europese beursuitbater maandag nabeurs bekend.

In juli daalden de volumes op de cash market met 9 procent op maandbasis en met 8 procent ten opzichte van een jaar eerder. De gemiddelde dagelijkse transactiewaarde lag op 3,0 miljard euro, een daling op maandbasis van 5 procent.

Er vonden in juli 10 beursgangen plaats, tegen 11 een maand eerder.

Er werden in juli 25 procent minder aandelenderivaten verhandeld dan in juni. Op jaarbasis was er sprake van een daling met ruim 11 procent.

Op de valutamarkt van Euronext FX waren de volumes in juli 11 procent lager dan een maand eerder. Ten opzichte van juli 2021 was sprake van een stijging van bijna 13 procent.

Bron: ABM Financial News
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