Sopheon juli 2018

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Arie de Beuker
Hoi Nico,

onlangs zijn er opties gegeven aan Arif Karimjee en Andy Michuda op 900p. Is dat een positieve hint? Hun hebben zicht op de orderportefeuille.

Arie de Beuker
Arie, dat lijkt me wel. Ook de actie richting de nwe grote aandeelhouders, van een tijdje terug lijkt me dat te zijn.
Sopheon Corporation – The ‘Gateway’ to Enterprise Innovation

In a digital age driven by the rapid pace of technology change and an increasingly powerful consumer, long-standing market leaders are looking to transforming themselves into more nimble and agile players who can innovate more quickly to remain relevant in the face of competition from disruptive start-ups. To be able to change course in response to market shifts – or better yet, to preempt those shifts and stay ahead of competitors – they need alignment of investments with strategic goals, access to shared and trusted real-time data, and collaborative teams that work cross-functionally with a focus on executing against those strategic goals. Yet, most do not have the necessary tools to support these capabilities.

One way companies are doing this is in partnership with global technology provider Sopheon Corporation and its flagship Accolade® software. Sopheon is the enterprise innovation management solution leader that effortlessly links and connects people, functional groups, systems and information, helping them to move beyond “islands of information” into an innovation environment that ensures enterprise-wide collaboration and alignment. The result is a more agile, transparent and efficient innovation culture, which ensures that organizations successfully execute on their plans, and bring the right products to market more quickly and with higher success rates.

The Ultimate Tool for Innovation & Business

Launched in 2001, Sopheon’s Accolade software has today been implemented by over 250 customers - Fortune 500 organizations as well as smaller companies - and is used by more than 60,000 users in over 50 countries around the globe.

One of Sopheon’s primary strategies is to give customers the tools they need to make better investment decisions on key business and product initiatives, with the aim of improving performance, success rate and speed to market. This is especially important today, when most companies are moving more slowly than the markets they serve, and change can be difficult to implement, especially by large enterprises with disconnected systems and deeply entrenched processes. The threat to the incumbent leaders is real; Creative Destruction author Richard Foster has estimated that 75 percent of the S&P 500 firms will be replaced by 2027.

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