Steinhoff een mooie kans

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Als ik het goed heb begrepen is het nieuws mbt "belangenverstrengeling" en Heather Sonn al van maandag 18 mei. De koers is daarna een klein beetje verder gezakt richting de 0.05.
Vandaag is er plotseling een flinke beweging omhoog (+10%). Ik kan daar niet direkt een reden voor vinden. Weet iemand hier de "echte" reden voor?
Steinhoff International has appointed Moira Moses as chair of the board, it announced on Friday.

Alexandra Watson has been appointed as the deputy chair.

Moses and Watson were both appointed as non-executive directors of Steinhoff Investment Holdings at the end of October 2018.

Watson's credentials include a stint as managing director of Land Rover, Volvo and Jaguar in southern Africa from 2000 to 2004. She was general manager of re-engineering at Transnet from 2005 to 2007 and group executive of Capital Projects from 2007 to 2012.

She was a non-executive director on the board of the Public Investment Corporation from 2007 to 2015, and served as a board trustee of the Government Employees Pension Fund from 2009 to 2018. Her previous non-executive directorships have included Transnet Limited, Viamax and MTN Group, while she is currently a non-executive director of Afrisam Group and Kansai Plascon Africa Limited.

Watson is a member of Steinhoff's audit and risk committee, as well as its governance, social and ethics committee and the nomination committee.

She was a professor in the College of Accounting at the University of Cape Town until March 2018, where her area of expertise was financial reporting and other forms of corporate reporting.

She is also a member of the South African Financial Reporting Investigations Panel, as well as being a board member and vice-chairman of the Global Reporting Initiative, an Amsterdam-based organisation promoting understanding and communication of sustainability issues.

The appointments follow the recent resignation of previous chair Heather Sonn, who stepped down from all her functions at the multinational retailer.

In a statement on Monday, Sonn said a company in which she is a shareholder, Gamiro Ventures, had "unwittingly" completed a transaction with Geros Financial Services that "now appears may have been associated with and (indirectly) funded by the company (Steinhoff)".

"In December 2017 I requested that this transaction be placed on the list for investigation by PwC when a name in the shareholding structure of the shareholder of Geros was recognised as a name that also appeared in the Viceroy Report.

"Unfortunately, it has taken over two years to get to a conclusion as to the nature of the relationship between the company and Geros, but there were multiple priorities for the company at the time," she said.

Sonn said that "based on what is now known to me" the transaction "would have required certain disclosures which I would have made had I been aware thereof".

Sonn was appointed the scandal-plagued retailer's acting chairperson in mid-December 2017, following the resignation of billionaire Christo Wiese. Her position was made permanent the following year. She took up the role barely a week after Steinhoff's CEO Markus Jooste abruptly resigned at the start of a wide-ranging accounting scandal that has caused the company's share price to plunge by over 95%.

On 23 March this year, the company advised shareholders that it intends to publish its 2019 consolidated financial statements during May 2020. These financial statements are now scheduled for release on Friday, 29 May 2020.
Twee nieuwe bestuurders en de cijfers van 2019 op vrijdag 29 mei.
Ik ben benieuwd wat de koers gaat doen.

Vraagje, waar staat deze aankondiging?

Op 23 maart van dit jaar heeft het bedrijf aandeelhouders laten weten dat het voornemens is zijn geconsolideerde jaarrekening voor 2019 in mei 2020 te publiceren. Deze jaarrekening is nu gepland voor publicatie op vrijdag 29 mei 2020.

Roel050 schreef op 23 mei 2020 11:40:

Twee nieuwe bestuurders en de cijfers van 2019 op vrijdag 29 mei.
Ik ben benieuwd wat de koers gaat doen.

NIX. Blijft rond de 0,05 hangen., gaat al jaren zo!!!

bik schreef op 23 mei 2020 13:52:

[...] NIX. Blijft rond de 0,05 hangen., gaat al jaren zo!!!

Toch moet er een keer een punt komen dat hij naar de €0.00 gaat of naar de € 1,-

Niks is zeker bij steinhoff maar in mijn ogen is het zeker een gokje waard.
Nog een rechtszaak en nog steeds geen goede informatie.
IPO is ook uitgesteld.
Wat zijn de vooruitzichten voor dit jaar?
Gaan we dit jaar nog de 15cent zien?

PieceofPie schreef op 29 mei 2020 14:02:

Nog een rechtszaak en nog steeds geen goede informatie.
IPO is ook uitgesteld.
Wat zijn de vooruitzichten voor dit jaar?
Gaan we dit jaar nog de 15cent zien?

Het is een aardige rotzooi daar... 15 cent zie ik voorlopig niet gebeuren.

Geen verkeerde cijfers.
We gaan zien wat de markt ervan denkt.
Ik blijf long zitten met m’n stukjes #vertrouwen.

DeToeKomst schreef op 1 juni 2020 10:18:

Steinhoff Investment Holdings reports R6.51 billion operating profit

By Sandile Mchunu Time of article published Jun 1, 2020

DURBAN – Steinhoff Investment Holdings, a subsidiary of Steinhoff International, said on Friday it expected consumer spending to continue to be constrained and the ongoing pandemic was causing significant disruptions both on the supplier and demand side for the group.

Steinhoff Investments, which released its results for the year to end September 2019, reported an operating profit from continuing operations of R6.51?billion, improving on the loss of R632?million reported a year earlier.

Steinhoff Investments has been unable to release its 2017 results, following the accounting scandal, which led to a more than 95?percent decline in the share price of its parent company in December 2017.

Steinhoff Investments is the issuer of variable rate, cumulative, non-redeemable, non-participating preference shares with a capital value of R1.5bn.

The group said the preference shares were listed on the JSE and following the events of December 2017, Steinhoff Investments was unable to publish its financial statements for the year to end September 2017 by the requisite date, February 28, 2018.

“The listing of the preference shares was, therefore, suspended by the JSE, effective March 1, 2018, and has remained suspended since that date,” the company said.

But the company explained it is releasing the September 2019 results ahead of the delayed annual financial statements for the years to end September 2016, 2017 and 2018 in order to give the market the most recent financial information as soon as possible.

In the results, revenue from continuing operations increased by 8.5?percent to R69.7bn and profit for the period improved to R3.94bn compared to a loss of R2.91bn reported in 2018.

Its basic and diluted headline earnings per share from continuing operations improved to 5?963.6 cents a share. The group said it has achieved a commendable set of operating results for the 2019 financial year, despite a very difficult retail environment where consumer spending remained constrained, fuelled by high levels of unemployment and low economic growth.

However, the company said the ongoing pandemic was causing significant disruptions both on the supplier and demand side for the group. Its management is continuing to take an active approach, implementing a range of mitigating strategies to protect profitability and cash flow.

toontje hoger
Een optimistische visie ?

The last week has given us some really positive developments with regards to Steinhoff.

A quick summary from my side:
Pepkor HJ 2020 results:
Revenue has increased by 6.5%. It would have increased by around 8% without COVID19. These are exceptional results given the current economic environment of SA.
In the presentation management has shown that April sales where basically zero, however in the first weeks of May there was a significant increase of sales compared to prior years. With the government giving out grants and the low interest rates I think we might even reach last years revenue figures of around 70 Billion rands. Also there will be cost saving due to rent free periods.
EBITDA has increased significantly to around 5.9 billion Rands or 350 Mil €. Yes a big increase resulted from IFRS16 however this is exceptional and above my expectation.
Biggest suprise for me however is the cash flow from operating activities. Last year they burned -2.2 Billion cash, this year Pepkor has generated a 2.3 Billion positive cash flow.
2 Billion Rands was used to repay debt for the 6 months.

Overall Pepkor has exceeded my expectations and I think there is a great future for this company.

Now looking at the STEINHOFF INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED AFS 2019. (Mostly Pepkor SA)
It is one of 4 major clusters in SNH, Europe & the UK, USA, Africa and Australia. It should be noted that this cluster roughly represents only 25% of Steinhoff international

Key Highlights
- Improvement in Gross Profit, nearly 14% improvement due to cost cutting and other management incentives. If these incentives also reflect on the other units we will see a massive increase in the total Group
- EBITDA has improved from 6.7 billion Rand (2018) to 7.5 billion Rand (2019). 470 Mil € (excl corporate costs EBITDA was 500 Mil €.)
- Cash has almost doubled from 6.5bn Rand (2018) to 11.8bn Rand (2019). Also 4.8 billion rands received from the Unitrans deal is not included here yet and Properties of the value of around 3 Billion still outstanding.
- Cash flow from operating activities has increased from a cash burn of -1.5 Billion Rands to a positive cash generation of 3.6 Billion Rands.
- Equity of 47 Billion Rands or close to 3 billion €.

From these first financial statements from the new management we have seen significant positive progress with regards to the operating units.
We also know that Pepco has performed exceptionally well, Mattress firm has been turned to profits again. Only struggling unit remains is Conforama.
Again there is a lot of negativity spread in social forums and news articles which make investors jittery haha. Guys as mentioned before keep calm and let management do what they are currently doing. Currently its working as reflected in the results.

My biggest concerns going forward:
- Legal claims seem like they will not be settled anytime soon as the finance guarantees have now also launched claims against basically all possible parties haha. But again as of today no provisions have been raised for any claims and no one has been arrested to date. So for me it looks like this will still go on for some years if not decades. As long as Steinhoff does not have to pay anything these claims might as well go on for years and everyone can sue whoever they want. Its kinda getting a bit ridiculous here.
- The rand has lost some serious value compared against the Euro.
- The Covid 19 impact cannot be defined yet.
- No key investor. Currently we do not have a key shareholder in Steinhoff. We have too many jittery shareholders who buy and sell as out of pure emotions.
- At current share level price we might be excluded out of the S-DAX again which would normally mean a drop in the share price.

What do you guys think of the numbers? DTD or Captain what do you guys say?

Again this is just my personal view and opinion and no recommendation to buy or sell shares

Eindelijk weer eens in de 0.06. (+8%).
Zouden we de weg omhoog weer hebben gevonden?
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