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Ripple - XRP - nieuwe verdienmodellen noodzakelijk voor bancaire sector

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Frederik C.
06/01/14 23:59 # accounts 56,500

Beste Nederlandse Leden,

Het zou een grote stap zijn als er een Nederlandse Gateway zou komen. Mogelijk kunnen we dit samen met een aantal actieve Nederlandse leden oprichten? Ik hoor graag jullie mening.
Frederik C.

smith&jones schreef op 7 januari 2014 00:10:

Ripple is een ripoff met een verdienmodel voor de bedenkers dat bedenkelijk is....



I was offered $550 to say that "Ripple is a Scam."
De Ripple heeft naar mijn mening minimaal 2 grote problemen:
ik begrijp wel de bitcoin, maar niet de ripple, vooral het 'trust-systeem' valt niet uit te leggen of te begrijpen, dit moeten ze eruit gooien.

Het 2e nog veel grotere probleem is dat het volstrekt onduidelijk is hoeveel en wanneer de ripples in omloop worden gebracht.

De voorsprong van de BTC is zo enorm, die valt bijna niet meer in te halen.
Frederik C.


DeZwarteRidder schreef op 7 januari 2014 00:28:

ik begrijp wel de bitcoin, maar niet de ripple, vooral het 'trust-systeem' valt niet uit te leggen of te begrijpen, dit moeten ze eruit gooien.

Vooruit dan...XRP, noch Ripple concureert met Bitcoin...Ripple is het protocol, om Bitcoin overal bereikbaar te maken, within seconds (geen 10 minuten wachttijd)

XRP is een op wiskunde gebaseerde valuta van het Ripple netwerk, deze maakt het mogelijk direct en meestal gratis betalingen te doen in elke valuta.

Het idee achter het Ripple netwerk is dat het gratis en toegankelijk is voor iedereen, in het bezit van niemand is en de gehele wereld te verbinden op een gezamelijk netwerk. Het team achter Ripple (Ripple Labs) heeft 100 biljoen XRP gecreerd. Ripple labs is van plan om ten minste 55 biljoen XRP weg te geven. Ripple biedt dus niet alleen een valuta maar ook een netwerk voor het maken van betalingen.


Betalingen via Ripple zijn overgeboekt binnen enkele seconden
Betalingen kunnen wereldwijd worden gedaan met hetzelfde protocol
Transacties zijn Peer-to-Peer
Betalingen in verschillende valuta mogelijk, (betaal bijvoorbeeld met euro’s en het arriveert bij de ontvanger als dollars)
Alle rekeningen en transacties zijn cryptografisch veilig en algoritmisch geverifieerd. Transacties vinden plaats zonder tussenkomst van derden.
Minimale transactiekosten (hiermee worden de kosten van de beveiliging bekostigd)
Ontvangen van betalingen zijn altijd gratis, vaarwel transactiekosten!
Mogelijkheid tot het maken van microbetalingen


Om geld van en naar een Ripple account te kunnen sturen is het nodig om gebruik te maken van een Ripple Gateway. Ripple gateways zijn organisaties die het mogelijk maken om geld te verplaatsen in en uit het Ripple netwerk.

Voorbeeld: Iemand stuurt je 50 euro via het Ripple netwerk, deze kun je vrij gebruiken binnen het Ripple netwerk. Mocht je de 50 euro van het Ripple netwerk af willen halen moet dit gebeuren via een Gateway. Via de Gateway is het mogelijk het geld uit te laten betalen via de verschillende betalingsopties die de Gateway aanbied.
Frederik, leg eerst dit maar eens uit:
For fiat currencies, Ripple allows parties to have balances and trust limits between them. To make this easy to conceptualize, Ripple uses the IOU metaphor.

The IOU metaphor:

Anyone can create their own IOUs.
You can't create someone else's IOUs as you can't forge their signature.
You can choose which IOUs you accept and in what amount.
No one can force you to take their IOUs.
The issuer of an IOU has no obligation to settle with you if you don't have a settlement agreement.
Only accept IOUs you believe will have future value.
If you hold someone else's IOUs and they default, you are out that amount of value.
Even the most trustworthy people may default due to death, family emergency, or other circumstances beyond their control.
You can pay anyone in IOUs that they accept.
You must accept your own IOUs as payment.
An IOU is not a loan but a record of the current balance due. Ripple manages balances and limits.
Frederik C.
Ripple Now Multi-lingual, Supports Cash Deposits and More

Ripple client release 0.2.42 includes exciting updates to languages, the Wallet and Trading.

The Ripple client now supports multiple languages. Community members have already completed Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese client translations and are hard at work on many more. You can translate Ripple into your preferred language using Transifex. Chinese
Also with this release, U.S. users can easily fund their wallets by making cash deposits at ZipZap Payment Centers. The new “Cash In” menu item in the Ripple client directs to a brief sign-up form to create a ZipZap CashTabs number. Users then present their CashTabs number at a ZipZap Payment Center and can make a cash deposit into their Ripple Wallets on the spot.Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.04.13 PM

Today’s release also features improvements to trading in Ripple. Users can now view executed order prices in the Balance and History tabs of their accounts.Screenshot 2014-01-06 15.22.10

And, they can see their available balances in the Trade tab.Screenshot 2014-01-06 15.21.55
Please let us know what you think of the release and stay tuned – we have lots more in store!
je geeft weer geen antwoord op kritische vragen.

Het Ripple-systeem is een commerciële kloon van Bitcoin, ik zie slechts een klein positief verschil: de transactie verloopt iets sneller, maar er zijn vele nadelen o.a. de kans dat hackers het systeem gaan hacken is oneindig veel groter dan bij BTC. En reken maar dat ze dat gaan proberen!

Frederik C. schreef op 7 januari 2014 00:16:


I was offered $550 to say that "Ripple is a Scam."
ja hoor, whatever...

Frederik C.
07/01/14 23:59 # accounts 56,780

Final Thoughts
Ripple offers a greater degree of accessibility than BitCoin and has features that are robust enough to attract larger merchants. Recent backing from big tech companies and investment firms have spurred confidence but ultimately a currency and a banking system are only as trustworthy as the trade they facilitate and at present that’s next to zero.
However, the shift in opinion on cryptocurrencies over the past two years is undeniable and Ripple have offered a great “All-in-One” solution to accept and trade in pretty much any currency, crypto or otherwise. Essentially, they’re helping to bridge the gap between the traditional banking system and ultra-secretive crypto markets with sensible policies and a slick end-user interface.
Finally, if you are going to speculate on the future of XRP I suggest doing it now while a single unit costs next to nothing. But do so in the knowledge that cryptocurrencies have yet to be fully understood or even emerge from the margins of the online economy and could be worthless by tomorrow.
Frederik C.
Sinds van daag mogelijk!

U.S. users can easily fund their @Ripple wallets by making #cash deposits at @ZipZapInc #Payment Centers zipzapinc.com

To fund your Ripple account, simply deposit cash at one of ZipZap's U.S. payment locations. The dollars will show up in your account within an hour. For more information and to search for a ZipZap cash-in location, visit www.zipzapinc.com. Your cash will be held by the SnapSwap gateway.

Ripple integarted Zipzap into their wallet...Eenvoudig om op deze wijze Ripple wallet te vullen, met welke (crypto) currency dan ook

Vers: publicatie van vandaag! Nieuwe crypto XNF die gebruik maakt van de Ripple Wallet

These are just a few things of what the ripple network can do, it empowers people. There is more to the ripple network than XRPs, the masses are just asleep at the moment but we believe they are waking up and will be catching up with the endless possibilities.

It is important to point out that XNF is a digital currency not a payment protocol or system. This is why we have adopted ripple as our home. We are not going to be developing a wallet A la Qt. What for? What is more robust than the ripple protocol and network? Nothing.

We believe that having NoFiatCoin on the ripple network will bring a new kind of user and that is good for the ripple community. We are also a new medium in which to fund your ripple wallet. We have people that are sending us their silver coins in exchange for XNF which they later convert to XRPs and then to bitcoins or even USD. For people that do not have an active wallet, we send them enough XRPs to activate their wallets and conduct transactions on top of the XNF we exchange.

This is good news for all of us in the ripple network: More active wallets, more diversity and an economy is building. The question is, will you just stand on the sidelines only collecting coins, or will you become part of this new economy and make the ripple network take your ideas to unimaginable heights.
Frederik C.
08/01/14 23:59 # accounts 57,051

Ripple Labs Inc. is expanding the distribution of its digital currency and money-transfer software through an agreement with cash-transaction network ZipZap Inc., signaling the growth of alternative payment methods.

Ripple, a San Francisco-based startup, operates payments software and a digital currency that resides in a consumer’s account known as a Ripple Wallet. Under the agreement, Ripple will let consumers link those Wallets to ZipZap accounts. San Francisco-based ZipZap -- which has payment centers across the U.S. in locations such as CVS Caremark Corp. (CVS) pharmacies and hotels -- can then send a payment that someone makes through their Ripple Wallet to a recipient elsewhere who also has the software.

The move puts Ripple in competition with Western Union Co. (WU), which typically charges $40 for sending $500 in cash in person from one U.S. location to another in minutes.

Frederik C.
10/01/14 23:59 # accounts 57,550

Why Ripple is a Better Investment Than Plain Alt Coins
It seems like everybody and his dog is trying to create a new digital currency to compete with Bitcoin these days. Considering how successful Bitcoin has been in such a short time, and how much money it has made for people who got in early, it is hardly surprising that other developers are trying to emulate some of this success – or that investors are closely watching all of these so called ‘alt coin’ for profitable high growth investment opportunities.

If this whole subject is completely new to you then here is the briefest, simplest summary I can manage: Bitcoin and the other alt coins are ‘cryptocurrencies’, which use peer to peer connections and cryptographic keys to manage, track and secure transactions without the need for central banks.

Most of the new alt coins have little new to offer, and are highly likely to have a short lifespan. But there are some developers building on the original Bitcoin innovation with their own, truly innovative systems which have something extra to offer. Although the market and technology is constantly changing, my top pick for the best alt coin investment in 2014 at the moment is Ripple and its XRP currency.

In actual fact Ripple is much more than a ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘alt coin’ – it is positioning itself as a low cost currency trading platform and international payment system. It uses a peer to peer cryptocurrency to acheive this. The way the system works is that if you wanted to exchange British Pounds for US dollars you would buy XRP (the system’s own currency) with your GBP, and then sell them for US dollars. Because the distributed nature of the system, which is run on the computers of the community of users themselves, the costs for doing this are lower than traditional currency exchange. Other alt coins can also be built on and traded through the Ripple platform. For example, the NoFiatCoin is being launched – a new currency backed by precious metals which will appeal to ‘gold bugs’ and other members of the investment community who have long opposed fiat currency and lamented the end of the gold standard.
Frederik C.
11/01/14 23:59 # accounts 57,925



The Ripple Lounge has just landed a great scoop. There is a new digital currency that is coming to the Ripple Network - here is what we have been told:

The digital currency will be stable and will perform better than other cryptos outside the ripple network and will allow your ripple holdings to grow along with your favourite cryptocurrencies. It has been designed for speculation and long-term value.

The real scoop... it will be backed by something we, in the ripple community, all love and it is coming soon! I am not a liberty to give more information unfortunately.

This new currency is in no way associated with the Ripple Lounge and NoFiatCoin, it is an independent project and we are very happy to see another backed currency that will only be traded in the ripple network.

Stay tuned to the Ripple Lounge for future scoops!
Frederik C.
12/01/14 23:49 # accounts 58,209

Paper Federal Reserve (Is where Ripple comes In)

The best place to start, if you want to understand the massive opportunities here, is the public consultation paper on payments which was put out by the Federal Reserve Banks last September. It’s written in reasonably plain English, and makes it clear that the Fed would love to see two key “desired outcomes”:

Desired outcome 2: A ubiquitous electronic solution(s) for making retail payments exists that does not require the sender to know the bank account number of the recipient. Confirmation of good funds will be made at the initiation of the payment. The sender and receiver will receive timely notification that the payment has been made. Funds will be debited from the payer and made available in near real time to the payee.

Desired outcome 4: Consumers and businesses have better choice in making convenient, cost-effective, and timely cross-border payments from and to the United States.

Frederik C.
14/01/14 23:33 # accounts 58,688

Ripple is finding mainstream recognition as the fastest cross-currency exchange network, appearing last night on NBC’s hit TV show The Blacklist. In a climactic scene, James Spader’s character, Red, puts a suspected mole in the FBI to a high-pressure test: he must make a $5 million transfer before Red takes apart and reassembles his gun. The suspected mole completes the cross-currency transfer under the wire using Ripple. For the sake of drama, the writers billed the transaction “untraceable,” which we know can’t be the case on Ripple.

It’s an exciting day for Ripple to step into the limelight!

Het lijkt mij interessanter om te beleggen in Ripple Labs (kan niet, volgens mij), dan in hun muntje.
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