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Ripple - XRP - nieuwe verdienmodellen noodzakelijk voor bancaire sector

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Omnius schreef op 26 november 2014 09:38:

die zitten voornamelijk bij ripple labs en founders zelf, ik denk niet dat die de koers willen laten crashen door hun xrp's op de markt te dumpen. Maar het blijft inderdaad een risico.
Vroeg of laat willen deze figuren gaan cashen; dat is totaal onvermijdelijk.
Frederik C.



"With its refreshingly open attitude towards digital currency technology, the bank recently decided to use the Ripple Labs open payment protocol to allow customers to move money."

"Why did you choose Ripple as opposed to another digital currency?

It’s not regarding the virtual currency. Ripple is much more, because you’re not only able to send virtual currencies, you are able to send fiat currencies as well. That makes it interesting for us, because basically from a bank, usually, you send euros, US dollars, Swiss francs, whatever.

We see it like a payment scheme or payment channel that you can use to make payments faster and easier and more directly. Maybe even much more efficient for the customer.

Is the plan for Fidor to have Ripple gateways?

Yes. The first stage of cooperation will be that we will implement Ripple for our German customers.

But, you might be aware that we are already touching base in Russia, with a partner there, and opening up a Fidor Bank there.

Let’s see if the traditional payment channels [in Russia] are worthwhile. This could definitely be an option, connecting Fidor Russia with Fidor Germany. You have on two sides, two trusted gateways."

2 Ripple Ripple $ 405,120,215 $ 0.013119 30,881,360,458 XRP * $ 4,585,560 32.09 %

zijn nu wel wat winstnemingen, hoop dat het rond 12 / 13 steun krijgt
2 Ripple Ripple $ 467,506,740 $ 0.015139 30,881,360,458 XRP * $ 3,434,880

gisteren rond 12 steun gevonden en nu redelijk stabiele rond 15.
na de stijging eind November is de koers toen iets teruggezakt naar ca 0.010. De laatste twee weken is de koers gestaag omhoog gegaan en is nu boven de piek van twee weken terug.

2 Ripple Ripple $ 505,654,484 $ 0.016374 30,881,360,458 XRP * $ 1,620,910 6.48 %

1 van de mogelijke redenen voor de stijging:

Earthport, the largest open network for global bank payments to offer real-time international payments capability using Ripple
LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, 4 December 2014 – Earthport and Ripple Labs today announced a global partnership which will see the two companies use their combined expertise and technology to offer real-time cross-border bank payments. Earthport’s new offering will integrate the Ripple protocol alongside its payments network and platform, bringing a wider choice to financial institutions, in particular to optimize their liquidity management and minimize the need to pre-fund a payment account while executing cross-border transactions.

Growth in international trade, e-commerce, and demographic shifts in population have driven both corporate and consumer demand for faster, cost-efficient, reliable and transparent cross-border payment solutions. Earthport has been strategically developing its global payments network, platform and compliance processes to provide its clients a robust, secure and efficient cross-border payments solution. Ripple’s pioneering payments protocol allows for the secure transfer of funds in any currency in real-time with no reserves required. This partnership brings together the Ripple protocol and Earthport’s global network to provide clients with a friction-free cross-border payments solution with reduced liquidity management costs, while maintaining the robust standards of compliance that regulators expect.

“We constantly evaluate new technologies to reduce costs and delays associated with global bank payments for our clients, but require these innovations to meet our high, exacting standards for compliance,” said Hank Uberoi, CEO of Earthport. “Ripple is a new technology and, once integrated in our payments service could bring benefits in efficiency and speed to global transfers. Earthport will apply its existing compliance framework, rule sets and secure payments network to any Earthport clients transacting using the Ripple protocol.”

“Traditional cross-border payments are inefficient today because both the technology and compliance frameworks underpinning them were built country by country decades ago,” said Chris Larsen, co-founder and CEO of Ripple Labs, the developer of the Ripple protocol. “The Earthport and Ripple partnership brings together the leading global payments and technology infrastructures to immediately transform and modernise the global payments industry.”

Earthport will share in the upside of Ripple as adoption of the protocol grows.
2 Ripple Ripple XRP $ 593,246,375 $ 0.019210 30,881,360,458 * $ 3,683,150 0.42 % 9.75 % 30.98 %

bijna door de 0,020..
geen idee wanneer dit gaat stoppen, in maand tijd al bijna +300%
Hoewel ik vertrouwen heb op lange termijn is nu instappen hoog speculatief..
Het gaat helemaal los vandaag (zonder verdere aanleiding):
2 Ripple Ripple $ 666,398,142 $ 0.021579 30,881,360,458 XRP * $ 5,454,850 19.74 %
2 Ripple Ripple $ 735,399,454 $ 0.023814 30,881,360,458 XRP * $ 7,854,140 22.88 %

Als het zo door gaat, dan gaat de marketcap snel richting die van bitcoin.
De marketcap hierboven is alleen over het aantal XRP dat in omloop is (30Miljard), Ripple Labs heft er zelf nog ca. 70Miljard, dus eigenlijk is de market cap nu al over de 2 miljard USD.

niemand hier die er ook in zit? Ik weet dat het geen standaard belegging is, maar had toch wel verwacht dat mensen die beleggen crypto's ook wel interessant vinden..
Frederik C.
Gaat hard nu!...Op naar de $1=1XRP...Volkomen tegengestelde beweging, dus onafhankelijk, van de Bitcoin...Marketcap bijna $1 billion...
dollar parity? Ik vind het nog erg moeilijk voor te stellen. bij al blij als we 0,10USD halen. Maar van mij mag het ;-) alleen de kunst om ze zolang vast te houden.
heb nu al bijna de helft verkocht van mijn ripples, dus heb de kosten er wel al uit. Maakt het wel iets makkelijker.
Frederik C.
China Banks are getting involved as well:

Link to article: stock.sohu.co...407042963.shtml

Here's a very rough google translation:


Recently, ripple eye-catching performance in the digital currency, after a long silence, and general digital currency that is not the same temperament Big Brother sudden force, ripple network Endogenous Money xrp prices rose 2 points from a hair. Is there such a rise in the foundation of it? The industry believes that the main reason is because of its rising claim to get banks , financial institutions Fidor German online bank will use Ripple

As part of its trading agreement, the Bank of America, US Bank, TD Bank of Canada, Chase Manhattan Bank, are also supported by ripple of payment. China's Ningbo Bank also intends to cooperate with the ripple, but the reason has not been determined policy.

Ripple is a payment network, in theory, can be paid through this network can transfer any money. Different from Bitcoin, Ripple Ripple Labs was founded by and promote their growth, digital currency semi-centralized. Currently the world there are 21 open ripple gateway "Gateway" is the official currency out of the Ripple network gateway, we can trade and exchange through gateways currently supports USD, EUR, CNY, CAD, JPY, XAU, STR, BRL, exchange SGD, XAG, AUD, KRW, BTC, LTC, NMC, PPC, DOGE, XPT, NMC, PPC, PAB, DRK, FMM, NZD nearly 25 kinds of currencies.

Ripple protocol - Swift 2.0 protocol?

At present, most banks in most countries worldwide have used SWIFT system. Also known as SWIFT - "Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications Association," is the organization of international cooperation at the international interbank, was established in 1973. Relative to the ripple, its drawback is that a very high fee, the cost of cross-border transfers of around 7%, arrival time should be more than a week. If from China's ICBC play money to HSBC Bank USA business, its use is still more ancient way of telegram. Before SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) was born, Yahoo and SINA E-mail can not be sent to each other, and through SMTP, we can email each other between these twocommunications . Before SMS protocol in use, can not communicate with each other between Mobile and China Unicom, but then with the SMS protocol, they can send and receive information to communicate with each other between the two networks. Ripple agreement also play a similar role in the liquidation of all financial institutions can be connected together, using technology to replace manual bookkeeping needs swift agreement among places.

Ripple trade agreement is RTXP agreement protocol is a set of transactions on the Internet. RTXP agreement invention makes it possible shift value in a distributed network, give an inappropriate analogy, just as you can send money in the mail. Currently, payments to lag behind technology than communication technology for decades, cross-regional communication can be easily realized, such as a transceiver after SMTP protocol electronic mail information becomes particularly vulnerable. However, different countries receiving money is very difficult, because each bank has its own personalized risk control systems and solutions, have their own independent networks and payment systems, inter-bank is not compatible, resulting in network interoperability between each bank do not want to pass, traditional payment systems and banks are centralized payments, spread from one point to four weeks. However ripple network is distributed, and supports any arbitrary monetary currency transactions atomic level.SWIFT agreement protocol replaced with ripple, improve banking and financial system is imperfect agreement within the compliance framework, play a complementary role.

Ripple agreement with XRP currency price

Ripple is an eco-system of currency, but XRP is the official currency of the system. But if the Ripple system is good enough to use ripple agreement institutions and users more than enough for XRP is a certain sense. But this we do not recommend that you use the XRP purely speculative hype. If the single from the point, we need only 25 XRP to activate the account, buy one or two XRP, you can complete all transactions in this life, because only need to complete a transaction XRP hundred thousandths of a transaction costs.

Ripple effect XRP in the network are mainly two: safety and vehicle currency.

Security: The user does not need to use the Ripple network XRP as trading or storage media.Ripple network is based on a shared account ledger, so a malicious attacker could create a lot of "junk accounts" (ie, fake accounts), and trying to create a network paralysis. In order to protect the network from attacks "junk accounts", each Ripple account needs to have 25 XRP reserve ledger in order to create a new entry.

Vehicle currency: xrp act as a medium for more money to improve the efficiency of the global exchange of different currencies and lower conversion costs.

The status of the domestic ripple

21 ripple in the open gateway in the world, accounting for three of the country, they are Ripple China, Ripple CN, Ripple Fox. 90 ??? early domestic digital currency players @ lone Cancer, Zhangyin Hai, Ripple Fox CEO Ran Liang ripple, etc. have joined the venture.

"If the ripple understood as Internet currency, then the point of paying the equivalent of Yahoo and Google on the Internet. Point was formerly paid ripple gateway Ripple China, was established to allow ripple protocol can be applied to individual businesses and enterprise customers. ripple essence is a protocol, Internet Protocol conducted financial transactions, the transaction protocol support, support any currency and any currency swap free, without any intermediaries do guarantee, through technical means, such as e-mail, like free and open source, there is no center managers. The pay is based on the ripple point agreement made outside developers, allowing users to receive and pay cash cost is now about 4% of the cost to stay in system consumption in each bank, we hope to reduce the transfer time Or a few seconds to a few minutes, be able to reduce the cost of 4% to one-thousandth millionth "point to pay founder ??? said.

With the promotion of ripple, ripple attracted some new concerns, such as the well-known angel investors Xue Manzi. However, due to its user-circle to the center of the release mechanism, the former founder Jed sold a lot of other reasons generally do not accept ripple.

Another potentially transformative payments innovation that also uses a distributed ledger model is Ripple. Created by financial
technology (fintech) startup Ripple Labs, Ripple, which supports the exchange of any form of value, is an open-source
global payments protocol that facilitates the secure transfer of funds in real time and at nearly no cost.
Users move their funds into the Ripple network through ‚gateways,? a bridge between the system and the external world.
Gateways include businesses such as banks and virtual currency exchanges. In addition to allowing people to trade in and
out of Ripple, gateways are the regulatory point of the system—regulators can enforce various supervisory measures such as
know-your-client (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures.
According to Ripple Labs, there are 500 billion digital payments made annually that take 36 trillion hours to process and tha t
costs people tens of billions of dollars in fees. Ripple was created to address the structural issues associated with the slow,
inefficient, antiquated, and disconnected payment networks that currently exist by being more open and integrated. The
company’s CEO, Chris Larsen, has described it as ‚an HTTP for money…any user can use the protocol just like they would
HTTP. You can build on top of it without licensing it from anybody.? Indeed, Ripple strives to do for money what the Internet
did for information.
While several banks, including Germany’s Fidor and U.S.-based CBW and Cross River Banks, have embraced the Ripple platform,
the banking sector as a whole has thus far hesitated to venture into this experimental space of fintech. The protocol
does, however, have the potential to significantly alter payments in the years ahead.
Ripple zal nooit een succes worden als ze de fundamentele foute basisvoorwaarden er niet uithalen.
En dan bedoel ik vooral de miljarden stuks Ripples op de plank.

Ben met je eens dat dit een minpunt is en watbetreft de waarde van xrp iets is wat negatief boven de markt blijft hangen.
Maar het protocol zelf kan in mijn ogen zeker een succes worden. En ik denk dat Ripple Labs professioneel genoeg is om een plan te schetsen wat ze precies met hun voorraad XRP gaan doen.

Het zijn een hoop mitsen en maren, maar ik denk dat er een goede kans is dat Ripple 1 van de standaarden gaat worden die definitief door gaan breken.

Maar blijft een hoog-risico investering natuurlijk.
Frederik C.

The adoption of distributed networks, such as Ripple,
may help the industry realize faster processing, as well
as greater efficiencies for global payments and
correspondent banking.

Check out page 10 and 11.

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