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Ripple - XRP - nieuwe verdienmodellen noodzakelijk voor bancaire sector

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How do I send Bitcoins to my Ripple wallet?

Once btc2ripple account is fully setup a new Bitcoin address for receiving payments is assigned to it. Receiving Bitcoin address is always visible on the main page after login. Just send coins to your receiving Bitcoin address and the same amount of BTC will be sent to your Ripple wallet by btc2ripple. Incoming transaction is processed within 24 hours, you receive email notification when BTC is delivered to your Ripple wallet.
Can I use the same Bitcoin Receiving Address for several transactions?

Yes, once Bitcoin address is assigned for your account it can be used for receiving payments for as long as you like. You can send coins to your receiving Bitcoin address any time and we guarantee that the same BTC amount is automatically delivered to either your Ripple wallet or to your Bitcoin Exit address.
Is there a minimum transaction size?

Transactions less than 0.001 BTC are not be processed by btc2ripple meaning that if you send say 0.0001 BTC then you won't receive it in Ripple until you send more coins to your receiving Bitcoin Address. Incoming transaction is recognised by btc2ripple when the total amount of coins sent to receiving Bitcoin Address becomes greater than 0.001 BTC
Do I need to set a trust limit for btc2ripple in my Ripple wallet?

Yes. You need to open a trust line in your Ripple wallet for our issuing address: rMwjYedjc7qqtKYVLiAccJSmCwih4LnE2q. We are NOT able to deliver BTC to you if there is no trust line or the limit is not sufficient! For an explanation of the trust line concept we refer you to the wiki: Ripple introduction, Ripple payments
Is your issuing address the same as SnapSwap's? How are you related?

Redcastle Alliance S.A. has licensed SnapSwap, Inc.’s proprietary Ripple gateway transaction engine technology and software in return for lead generation. Also, under the agreement, to provide the simplest and best possible user experience to customers btc2ripple.com shares SnapSwap's issuing address. More details in SnapSwap blog
Why does it takes 24 hours to process incoming transfer?

It's going to be much faster soon. The goal is to bring the processing time on standard amounts down to a confirmation time of a Bitcoin transaction (6 confirmations, about 1 hour). While the service is in beta, we would like to monitor transactions to make sure that your funds are handled properly and that's why we postpone transactions processing for that long
How do I withdraw Bitcoins from my Ripple wallet?

You can send BTC from your Ripple wallet to any Bitcoin address. On a Send web page in your Ripple wallet specify the amount you want to send, select BTC currency and provide a Bitcoin address you want the amount to be sent to. Your coins will be sent directly to this address in the Bitcoin network thanks to Bitcoin Bridge introduced by Ripple a while ago
Is there a fee?

There is no fee for sending Bitcoins to your Ripple wallet. Bitcoin transactions within the Ripple network are free as well. Withdrawing Bitcoins from your Ripple wallet to a Bitcoin address is also free. All in all there is no fee for using btc2ripple whatsoever.
What is Bitcoin Exit address and why do I need to specify it?

Bitcoin Exit address is required when we need to return Bitcoins to you for some reason. For example, if your transaction has failed and we are unable to deliver BTC to your Ripple wallet then we forward it to your Bitcoin Exit address. It's up to you to make sure that you have access to the Exit address specified during btc2ripple account setup and never loose a key to it.
Why do you ask for my ID and proof of residence?

We follow FATF Recommendations for preventing money laundering and illegal activities in financial services that require us to collect and keep customers' personal information and transactions log. We handle your personal information in a secure manner as outlined in our Privacy Policy.
What kind of ID document can I upload?

Please upload a scan or a photo of your national passport or driver's license. Make sure that the followinf information is clearly readable: full name, date of birth, issue date and expiration date printed in Latin, Cyrillic or Mandarin. We cannot accept ID in other alphabets yet. The file formats accepted are .png, .jpg, .pdf, the size must not be greater than 5Mb. We check validity of your ID when transactions are being processed. Upload only your real ID, otherwise your btc2ripple account will be canceled.
What kind of proof of residence document can I upload?

It could be a scan or a photo of an utility bill, telephone bill, bank statement or personal check with your name and address clearly readable and printed in Latin, Cyrillic or Mandarin. The file formats accepted are .png, .jpg, .pdf, the file size must not exceed 5Mb. We check validity of your proof of residence document when transactions are being processed. Upload only a valid document, otherwise your btc2ripple account will be canceled.
Frederik C.
19/01/14 23:04 # accounts 59,905 morgen gaan we over de 60,000 accounts!

With digital currency, the Federal Reserve (which incidentally is a for-profit enterprise not a public service) has no power to create currency and push the people further into debt. Building on this the Ripple protocol, which can be used to receive, spend, or trade in any currency (digital or fiat), is aiming to create a new decentralized banking system which will take power away from the trading floors of big banks where gamblers move billions of dollars at a time, and give it back to the people. The newest digital currency, known as the NoFiatCoin, has adopted the Ripple network as the basis for a new ‘alt coin’, and hope to improve on the proof of concept provided by Bitcoin with a new currency offering the security of being backed by real gold and silver, instant transfers (Bitcoin can take an hour or more sometimes), plus lower and more predictable fees (Bitcoin fees are calculated based on the size of a transaction in data, and most people don’t know what that will be in
Frederik C.
21/01/14 23:31# accounts 60,287

Bitcoin and Ripple – The Democratization of Finance

International remittences are one area of finance that Bitcoin technology will help democratize. Democratize: to make (something) available to all people. Remittances to developing countries were estimated to reach $414 billion in 2013, which is an increase of 6.3% over previous year. And this growth is expected to continue due to globalization and migrating workers. Top recipients of officially recorded remittances are India ($71 billion), China ($60 billion), the Philippines ($26 billion), and Mexico ($22 billion). Other large recipients include Nigeria, Egypt, and Bangladesh–most are developing countries. The average cost to migrant workers for sending funds: 9% (WorldBank). My friend the cab driver shouldn’t be paying 9% in fees to get his wages to his family–not with our increasingly Internet savvy world. And of course, all of this–Bitcoin and Ripple technology–depends upon Internet access.
Frederik C.
New York Times


There are also other fictions associated with other currencies. Ripple, developed after Bitcoin, hopes to be a kind of universal proxy currency, perhaps enabling the owner of a farm animal in Nepal to directly trade it for an iPhone in Britain, or American frequent-flyer miles to become gold in Mexico.

“People will decide what kind of things they want to hold,” said Chris Larsen, the co-founder and chief executive of Ripple Labs, a company that is associated with the Ripple currency. “We think there will be an explosion of different currencies.”

Ripple, the digital money, was created, open-sourced, and put out into the world in a finite amount. Its presence is distributed over 50 servers on three continents, and all of them must agree on the rises or falls in the net value of the money. That should prevent the injection of new, inflationary Ripples being injected into the system. Even so, Mr. Larsen said that at this point it was “clearly a speculative market.”

“Is Bitcoin Friendster, and we’re MySpace? I hope not,” he said, referring to a pair of the earliest social networks. “Are we still waiting for our Facebook? Possibly. People worry a lot about the dollar now.”

It may be, as Mr. Larsen says, that math-based systems have a kind of purity, “the exchange of value within the exchange of information,” without the messy stuff of nations getting in the way. It may also be that life stays messy, and these new systems learn how to accommodate that, possibly by agreeing to be taxed by one or another government.

The language we use around money is telling. Words like “currency,” “tender,” “exchange” bespeak a world of social interaction, trust. In the meantime, informal terms like “loot,” “lucre,” and even today’s “cheddar” (from government handouts of cheese) show our more problematic feelings about money. So far Bitcoin is spoken of in extreme terms, as a threat, or a bubble, or the empowerment of drug dealers. If it is taxed, and becomes normal, it may actually be more revolutionary.

The poet Wallace Stevens called money “a kind of poetry.” He also had the horse sense to write his verses about the romance of the human imagination while walking to his job as a vice president for an insurance company. He knew both sides of the coin, when he said how closely the real and the imaginary need each other for society to work.

Frederik C.
The Coinflash ATM enables Coinbase and Ripple users to buy and sell bitcoins for cash, and even pay bills, transfer funds, and purchase gift cards with cash or digital currency.

Nice! Getting more and more traction!
Frederik C.
Frederik C.
Het gaat erg goed:

The client now supports 15 languages.
* A Ripple ATM has been announced: www.prweb.com/releases/2014/01/prweb1...
* A precious metal gateway has launched: ripplesingapore
* 2 Ripple Labs investors and 1 Ripple Labs adviser spoke at the NY hearings: www.totalwebcasting.com/view/?id=nysdfs
* Chris Larson did an interview: www.moneyandtech.com/chris-larsen-rip...
* Ripple Labs is now up to about 40 employees.
* Ripple Labs hired someone to build the developer community: ripple.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&am...
* A Ripple meetup in SF: www.meetup.com/xrptrader-com/events/1...
* There is a personally auditable BTC gateway: www.btc2ripple.com/#/proof/details
* Ripple Labs may be attending these events: Mobile World Congress, IMTC Brazil, APEX, Emerging Communications Conference and Awards, SXSW 2014, Payments 2014, Card Forum & Expo, Finovate Spring, and GigaOM Conference.
* The Ripple Labs team on the World Community Grid is #1: www.worldcommunitygrid.org/stat/viewS...
* Ripple's largest gateway became the #1 Bitcoin exchange: bitcoincharts.com/markets/

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February 2, 2014
Jed-i: The secret origins of Ripple (XRP)
There is a mythology that surrounds the origins of bitcoin. An inventor named Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly toiled away in solitude and anger in the wake of the financial collapse in 2008 and created a workable decentralized currency that’s shaken the global financial system and governments around the world.

Bitcoin believers have latched onto that mythology, and they’re almost as rabid as Beliebers – notorious Justin Bieber fans who make cakes for the celebrity on his birthday even though they’ve never met him. That blind allegiance to bitcoin has, in my mind, prevented many bitcoin believers from seeing the potential of the ripple protocol.

It’s time for us to canonize our own origin story around Ripple. Let us not forget, after all, it was one of bitcoin’s own, a poster who goes by “Jed” on BitcoinTalk, who came up with the basic idea for ripple in 2011. Jed’s full name is Jed McCaleb, a 32-year-old surfer/college dropout who has one of the most impressive resumes in the tech world. In 2000, he created the terribly-named peer-to-peer filesharing network eDonkey, which replaced Napster as the world’s most popular file-sharing network. In 2010, he founded the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox. A year later, he made his now famous post on BitcoinTalk, wherein he laid out a rough draft for ripple:

“So I’ve been thinking,” he starts off innocently, “bitcoin mining seems like such an unfortunate side effect of the system since it is so wasteful. It will be a bit obscene how much will be spent mining if the network ever gets large. It would be cool to come up with a bitcoin that doesn’t need miners.”

He goes on to sketch out a mining-free bitcoin (here’s the full post) that works with a central ledger and a consensus model.

McCaleb was so taken with the idea that he hired some developers, founded Ripple Labs and started work turning his idea into a reality. Ripple Labs has since changed its name to OpenCoin, hired a high-wattage CEO in Chris Larsen (check out our post Top 20 quotes from Chris Larsen), and raised a boatload of cash from prominent VCs in Silicon Valley.

One of Jed’s driving beliefs is freedom from authority and government control. That’s clear not just from his resume, but his words as well. “I do have a distrust of authority,” he told Wired recently. “Or maybe not a distrust of authority, but I really appreciate freedom. I think it’s one of the fundamental things that people need.”

Jed still holds mountains of Ripple’s native currency, XRP, and is likely involved in some capacity, but he’s also looking into new ventures, Wired says, including man-made surf parks and artificial intelligence. It’ll be interesting to see where Ripple goes in 2014. Where 2013 was bitcoin’s year to shine, I think 2014 belongs to ripple.
Frederik C.
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Ripple Labs Named a Finalist for a PYMNTS 2014 Innovator Award for Ripple Payments Protocol
Frederik C.
2. Ripple
This substantial Bitcoin alternative is making more than a -- yes, you guessed it -- Ripple in the rocky cryptocurrency realm. It’s Bitcoin’s biggest alternative at the moment, boasting the second largest market cap across all existing virtual currencies at more than $1.4 billion as of today, with a not so impressive individual price of $0.014.

With the Bitcoin community still reeling over back-to-back upsets, including the fall of Mt. Gox in a wave of “transactional malleability” issues and Japan nearly but not regulating the world’s first cryptocurrency, some see Ripple in a solid position to evolve into “Bitcoin without the issues.”

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Frederik C.
It amuses me when I see Bitcoin and Ripple discussed in the same context because, for me, they’re completely different. The core of Bitcoin is all about building a trust-free decentralized transaction ledger for tracking the ownership and transfer of scarce tokens – Bitcoins. And the whole point of Bitcoins is that they are counterparty-risk-free assets: my Bitcoin is not somebody else’s liability.

By contrast, Ripple is all about dealing with assets that are somebody else’s liability. So the focus in Ripple is on representing liabilities issued by identifiable issuers and enabling them to be transferred between individuals on a network.

Over 75.000 accounts!

Ripple probeert wanhopig om enerzijds met Bitcoin mee te liften en anderzijds om zich te onderscheiden van Bitcoin.

Beiden lukt niet.

Het aantal accounts is een lachertje vergeleken met het aantal Bitcoin-gebruikers.

DeZwarteRidder schreef op 20 april 2014 16:28:

Ripple probeert wanhopig om enerzijds met Bitcoin mee te liften en anderzijds om zich te onderscheiden van Bitcoin.
Beiden lukt niet.
Het aantal accounts is een lachertje vergeleken met het aantal Bitcoin-gebruikers.
Voor alle duidelijkheid: ik hoop nog steeds dat Ripple een succes gaat worden naast de Bitcoin en de Litecoin; meer altcoins hebben we voorlopig niet nodig.

Ripple zal echter een aantal zaken moeten aanpassen zodat de nadelen verdwijnen, anders wordt het niks.
Frederik C.
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Yahoo & Bloomberg(!!)

(...)Wedbush is examining the potential use of systems akin to bitcoin for interbank money transfers, said Luria, who oversees the effort. Such technologies include Ripple, a bitcoin-like system that completes transactions faster. (...)(...)Bitcoin moves funds in minutes, while Ripple settles in seconds. (...)


Ripple Labs Announces Fidor Bank AG as First Bank to Use the Ripple Protocol
Momentum Grows for Accredited Institutions to Leverage Ripple's Real-Time Global Settlement Protocol
Ripple Labs May 5, 2014 8:02 AM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 5, 2014) - Ripple Labs today introduced Fidor Bank AG as the first bank to integrate Ripple, the real-time global settlement protocol. By integrating the Ripple protocol into its transaction infrastructure, Fidor will offer customers faster and more affordable money transfer options. The German bank will use its Ripple implementation to power inter-bank payments with other institutions and intra-bank payments between branches. Fidor is the first bank to adopt an open payment protocol and one of a growing number of accredited financial entities deploying Ripple for real-time settlement.

"Ripple is changing the rules of the game for financial institutions, enabling real-time settlement in any currency to strengthen customer relationships and positively impact the bottom line," said Chris Larsen, CEO of Ripple Labs. "As an innovator and leader in the banking industry, Fidor is using Ripple to define a new standard for what a bank can be and how it can serve its customers."

Ripple is an open, decentralized payments protocol that enables anything of value to be traded through a global value web. With Ripple, Fidor customers can instantly send any amount of money in any currency at highly competitive rates through existing Fidor money transfer products. Customers engage with Fidor in a familiar manner and are not required to hold separate Ripple accounts.

Fidor will also use Ripple for intra-bank payments between its German bank and its banks in other countries to lower costs associated with settlement and foreign exchange risk and increase speed for customers and the bank. As more financial institutions adopt Ripple, Fidor will be able to seamlessly transact with those institutions without correspondent banks, fees, time delays or additional integration work.

"Ripple enables us to securely and instantly send money anywhere in the world at no additional cost and through the same customer facing products and relationships we offer today," said Matthias Kröner, CEO of Fidor Bank AG. "With Ripple, we can deliver a superior banking experience at a fraction of the time and cost traditionally expected of a financial institution."

The Ripple payment protocol enables free and virtually instant payments with no chargebacks in any currency or unit of value. Businesses of any size can easily build payment solutions, such as money transfer, prepaid or remittance apps, and accelerate the movement of money on Ripple. Ripple enables the world to move value like information moves today.

For more information about Ripple, please visit www.ripple.com.

About Fidor Bank AG:

Fidor Bank AG (http://www.fidor.de) is an internet-based direct bank licensed in Germany. With its Fidor Smart current account the bank addresses private and corporate clients. The Fidor Smart current account is a primary bank account, offering a combination of a classical bank account with internet payments and innovative banking services. The services on offer to corporate clients include selected financing products and a Fidor Smart business account especially created for e-commerce.

About Ripple Labs

Ripple Labs developed the Ripple protocol, which makes transacting as easy as emailing. The San Francisco-based startup is funded by Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, IDG Capital Partners, FF Angel, Lightspeed Venture Partners, The Bitcoin Opportunity Fund and Vast Ventures.

The software company's team of 50 is comprised of deeply experienced cryptographers, security experts, distributed network developers, Silicon Valley and Wall Street veterans. They contribute code to the protocol and create tools to enable businesses of any size to easily build payment solutions and accelerate the movement of money globally. The team shepherds a movement to evolve finance so that payment systems are open, secure, constructive and globally inclusive.

Ripple Labs was named one of the 50 Smartest Companies for 2014 by MIT Technology Review.

About Ripple

Ripple is an open-source, distributed payment protocol. It enables nearly free and instant payments with no chargebacks and in any currency - including dollars, yen, euros, Bitcoin, and even loyalty points. Businesses of any size can easily build payment solutions, such as banking or remittance apps, and accelerate the movement of money on Ripple. Ripple enables the world to move value like information moves today. Ripple is currently in beta. For more information about Ripple, please visit www.ripple.com.

Frederik C.
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What is Ripple? Well, it is both a digital currency and a payments protocol, and it is the latter that has got people excited.

Ripple has been hitting the news recently, with banks saying it has promise, and even for the first time starting to use it for services. But many people don’t understand it, so how does it work, exactly?

...en een hardnekkig rumour doet de ronde...Capitol One...
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